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'Mas maganda yung nangyari ngayon kasi hindi na kami toxic.'
Kylie Padilla just had a heart-to-heart talk with her dad, Robin Padilla, in her latest vlog.In the video, entitled "The Conversation I Never Had With My Papa," Kylie asked Robin a series of questions and reminisced about their bonding
She definitely lives up to her famous last name!
Kylie Padilla may come from one of the most prominent showbiz families in the Philippines, but she has built a name for herself in the industry since she started out in the late 2010s. For the past few years, the 28-year-
'You cheated on her multiple times and we all know that. Stop your lies.'
A netizen who has identified herself as Kylie Padilla's cousin just reacted to Aljur Abrenica's controversial Facebook post.ICYMI, Aljur recently broke his silence and told Kylie to tell the public "who cheated first" and who "wrecked" their
There's a noticeable theme in the songs she chose.
Did Kylie Padilla just react to Aljur Abrenica's Facebook post through a series of IG Stories?The actress took to the social media platform to post songs by female pop stars, with a noticeable theme to their title and lyrics.
'Tell them who you are with right now. Have the courage to settle this.'
Aljur Abrenica has finally broken his silence after his controversial separation from his wife, Kylie Padilla.On October 19, the actor took to Facebook to write a lengthy post directed towards Kylie, urging her to reveal the truth behind their split."Breaking
'Mabuti akong tao at hindi ko kayang gumawa ng masama.'
AJ Raval has had enough of her bashers. In a Facebook post on Friday, the actress addressed netizens criticizing her."Just to be clear, hindi ako ang naging third party. Okay, guys? Mabuti akong tao at hindi ko kayang gumawa ng masama.
She reacts to netizens saying Aljur will leave AJ eventually.
Actress AJ Raval's mom Alyssa Alvarez is reacting to netizens' negative comments following her daughter's confirmation that she and Aljur Abrenica "understand" and "care for each other."Aside from AJ, Alyssa has two other children with Jeric
'Having fun, hooking up with the person that she told me not to worry about.'
Following AJ Raval's confirmation that she and Aljur Abrenica "understand each other" and "care for each other," AJ's ex, Axel Torres, shared an emotional post on IG."Right now, I'm standing here with nobody to love
AJ says Aljur is courting her 'old school.'
Amid AJ Raval's confirmation that Aljur Abrenica is courting her and that they're getting to know each other, photos of a masked pair at a mall, whom netizens identified as Aljur and AJ, have been circulating on social
And we probably shouldn't be pointing fingers too.
On July 15, Kylie Padilla posted a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote a seemingly relevant caption: "In the end, the best thing to do is not to blame anyone for the things that happened BUT to observe where you could
It's for her and her sons only.
Today, Kylie Padilla announced on Instagram that she has a new place for her and her sons Alas and Axl. She posted a photo of herself sitting in front of a sofa and captioned it, "Our new place is almost ready for
Robin Padilla: ''Di ako naniniwala na merong lalaki na makakatanggi sa tukso.'
This week, Kylie Padilla announced that she and Aljur Abrenica have split. In her statement to GMA News, Kylie didn't reveal the cause of the separation. Instead, she asked that the public respect their decision and everyone in the family.
'Excited na 'kong makita sila.'
Aljur Abrenica recently had the chance to spend quality time with his sons with Kylie Padilla, Alas Joaquin, and Axl Romeo.On July 8, Thursday, the actor took to his Facebook page to upload a video of his reunion with Alas and
She describes their relationship as 'very professional.'
After Robin Padilla said in an interview that his daughter Kylie Padilla's separation with Aljur Abrenica involved a third party, netizens started commenting on former beauty queen and actress Cindy Miranda's social media posts, accusing her of being
'All we need right now is respect.'
Kylie Padilla has finally spoken up about the status of her relationship with her husband, Aljur Abrenica. On July 8, Kylie released an official statement confirming she and Aljur have split. She asked that the public respect their decisions as a family,
He hopes the two can fix their relationship.
Earlier this year, celeb couple Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica's cryptic posts on social media sparked breakup rumors. The pair have since posted photos of each other again, together with their sons Alas and Axl.In an interview on Ogie
Nimfa is Angelica's first role as a voice actor!
It may be an animated film, but Netflix's Hayop Ka: The Nimfa Dimaano Story is *definitely* not for the younger audience! This ~adult~ movie tells the story of a saleslady named Nimfa Angelica Panganiban who is living with her macho
Which one is on the top of your ~must watch~ list? (Real talk: ALL OF THEM)
There's definitely one thing we always look forward to as we enter a new month: a brand new slate of Netflix titles! For November, though, we're ~gifted~ with our very own Filipino films. We've got a
Animators have spoken up against the backlash.
A Pinoy animated movie is landing on Netflix on October 29-and people online have been calling for a boycott thanks to the fact that actor and controversial figure Robin Padilla is one of the film's leads. But before you