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We got the Callalily frontman to highlight the beauty of contrasts in this month's fashion spread. Watch this video to see Kean modeling rock garb and talking about fashion.
Fans of Pinoy rock give one last hurrah to the radio station and its awards event for the best rock acts in the country.
Parting is such sweet sorrow. But for Pinoy rock fans saying goodbye to an annual musical tradition (and a rock music station), there's no sweeter way to part than with a bang-a loud, heart-pounding, body-slamming, ear-splitting one
At the NU Rock Awards, Cosmo asked men about their musical pet peeves.
Men's taste in music is one of the things we sometimes don't understand-and should never mess with. Take your guy, for example. You may agree on some playlist choices, but he'd avoid altogether a few artists, albums, genres,
Ever dreamt of becoming a rockstar? Several members of your favorite local bands share some tips to help make that dream come true.
We'll bring out the groupie in you as we let you in on our chat with these hot Pinoy bands.