Ft. alien invasions + a world without 'adults!'
Wondering what to watch during your *spare time*? From romantic comedies to angsty teen series, here's a list of films and series you can catch on Netflix starting May 2019: The plot: During their final summer before college (and before
Canceling all my plans for April 12.
ATTN, Riverdale and To All the Boys I've Loved Before stans: It's time to unite for this joyous occasion. Camila Mendes and Noah Centineo's new movie, The Perfect Date, will be released in just a few short
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The world has been keeping its eyes on Indian model/actress/singer/producer Priyanka Chopra. (We were all in awe when we saw photos and clips from her wedding to Nick Jonas and she was absolutely breathtaking in the Jonas Brothers'
Please consider adding these gems, Netflix!
Online streaming service Netflix has been adding more Filipino films to its lineup and we couldn't be happier! We took to Instagram to ask our readers (aka YOU) for the Pinoy films they're ~dying~ to watch soon. Ehem,
Good luck getting into Times Square moments before midnight.
I have a serious question. Do you think that any of the people responsible for New Year's Eve scenes in romantic comedies have ever actually celebrated New Year's Eve IRL? I'm going to make the bold
So much laugh-crying to look forward to!
Not all that long ago, the romantic comedy seemed to be a dying genre, with studios making fewer of them than ever before. But thanks to the enormous success of Crazy Rich Asians, coupled with Netflix releasing six original rom-coms this
It’s time to get excited about this genre again.
This post contains minor spoilers for Set It Up, a new film streaming on Netflix.About 20 minutes into Set It Up, Zoey Deutch's character, Harper, makes the following declaration: "Every great romance has a meet cute, like getting stuck in
Love is a beautiful thing!
This is more rom-dram than it is rom-com, but you'll occasionally laugh, and that counts for something. Rebecca Hall and Dan Stevens star as a longtime couple on the brink of getting engaged when they decide to sleep
These are *golden*!
1. Going The DistanceStarring: Justin Long, Drew BarrymoreErin (Barrymore) is interning for a newspaper in New York City and one night, she meets Garrett (Long) in a bar. Sparks fly, but Erin has to fly back to San Francisco to finish her
'I finally meet a guy who likes me for me. And I'm not even me.'
Whether you've prayed for lola to tell you "jk you're actually a princess!", or dreamed of meeting a hot guy in Rome to drive you around on a vespa, most of us growing up had at least one "but what
Reminder: Troubled women don't deserve love.
Julia Roberts is often nicknamed America's Sweetheart, but that wasn't enough to get audiences on her side in one particular role.The 1997 romantic comedy My Best Friend's Wedding starring Julia Roberts as a woman who realizes she's
'Pangit ba ako?' answered.
The Long Plot, Sans SpoilersCali Ferrer (Liza Soberano) is a young blogger who's been hung up on her ex-boyfriend Gio Martinez (Enrique Gil) for cheating on her two years ago. With all her pent up anger and frustration from
Called it.
We all know that Meg Ryan is the ultimate rom-com queen-Julia Roberts is a close second. Most of us grew up watching Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, French Kiss, and You've Got Mail. And anybody who's
Who knew Simon Pegg could be the most charming leading man?
1. Man UpStarring: Simon Pegg, Lake BellRecently divorced Jack (Simon Pegg) mistakes Nancy (Lake Bell) for the woman he has a blind date with, but instead of telling him, she plays along to see what happens. And it's seriously one of
Fingers crossed they keep the 'Thriller' scene.
Let's start with the scary bit: the movie 13 Going on 30 came out in 2004, which means that you first fell in love with it 12 years ago. Once you've digested all of those "Am I old?" feelings, just
Cue the makeover montage!
Romantic comedies: you love them or you tolerate them, but they're always good for some light entertainment and a life lesson or two. (Okay okay, and sometimes a few tears.) Here, the best and most classic rom-coms to watch
Watch the very first teaser trailer here!
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are FINALLY top-billing their first movie, Imagine You And Me. After being in the 'biz for almost a year, this film marks MaiDen's first anniversary after their accidental rise to superstardom in July
Bonus: She's in a love triangle with Ian Veneracion and Richard Yap. Also, it's directed by Antoinette Jadaone!
Let's all ugly cry together.
YouTube/Movieclips TrailersYAAAAAAS!We've been waiting for months for the Me Before You trailer to arrive, and now, it's finally been released!ICYDK, the movie adaptation of the suuuuper best-selling romance novel by Jojo Moyes stars Game of Thrones'
Here's a list of upcoming films your guy will love to watch with you, from gory horror flicks to even rom-coms!
It's the start of September, and you all know what that means in Cosmo...men, men, men! We often complain about the mistakes and faults of the opposite sex, but this month, we're all about celebrating the men
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