Ryan Reynolds is all about the romance when it comes to Blake Lively, admitting he once flew halfway across the world to see his wife for just a day.The 39-year-old actor is one of the most in demand stars
Is your guy stressing out over work and personal woes? Be the model girlfriend with these sweet and thoughtful gestures.
1. Write him a love letter. Improve his mood by sneaking a love note in his pocket before he leaves for work. "[People get] a wonderful feeling when they receive a surprise card," confirms Dr. Daniel A. Pepe, Ph.D., author of
Everyone wants to be adored, but chances are, your man won't ask for it. Allow us to clue you in on the things he secretly wishes you would do for him.
1. Be Happy To See Him"Something as simple as waving when he pulls into the driveway sends a powerful message," says M. P. Wylie, PhD, director of the Relationship Research Foundation.2. Cheer Him On At A Key Time"Give him
Who doesn't like having sweaty, wicked hot sex? Here's how you can make it loving and intimate at the same time (without resorting to rose petals).
Wild hook-ups that make you wish you had soundproof walls and indestructible bedsprings are a blast, but you probably sometimes crave sex that enhances the emotional and mental closeness between you and your guy. And, although it seems like a no-
Think V-Day was a success? Fall deeper in love and be closer than ever through these sweet little moves.
Upping your intimacy doesn't mean planning grand gestures. These ideas are less work-and just as effective.1. Eat Breakfast Side-by-Side. Instead of chowing down tapsilog while sitting across each other, share the meal while side-by-side at
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