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Everything about this guy screams sexy--from his tan and toned bod to his wild and romantic sexcapades and fantasies. He tells all on his final week.
You already know we save the juiciest questions and hottest photos for last, and you can't expect anything less on Guji Lorenzana's final week as our featured summer hottie.The quintissential summer stud spills racy details about his sexcapades as
You and your guy don't have to venture far to unwind this upcoming long weekend or holiday season. Pack your bags and head to a hotel that is perfect for a relaxing weekend <i>in the city.</i>
Do you crave some R&R with your man without having to take that long road trip or flight--especially in such unpredictable weather? Why don't you just book a room in a hotel and relish the luxury of alone time
Before you go in pursuit of your hot coworker or respond to his advances, read Cosmo's tips on the best way to go about it. Don't say you didn't get the memo!
At one point, we've all crushed on a colleague. But actually dating a workmate is tricky business since the complications of our love lives could possibly leak into our work. However, when done tactfully, staring an office romance can be stimulating