Save yourself.
Anyone who wants to celebrate love in its Valentine-y, idealized form should avoid Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at all costs. Unless, of course, you find watching the steady disintegration of a relationship taking place inside someone's brain
They got their 'A Walk to Remember' moment!
Couple Hannah Grazhel Chiong and Ronnie Sta. Teresa had their A Walk to Remember moment when the latter unofficially named a star "Grazhel," after the former's second name. The gesture was done as a birthday gift to Grazhel, who celebrated
It takes a lot of work to get those swoony poses right.
Romance novels are delightful for many reasons, but as any true fan knows, the fun starts before you even open the book-with the cover. Cover styles vary from author to author, but no matter the sub-genre, there's a good
Ready for your next baecation?
Consider booking a flight to Cebu the next time you need take a breather from the city life, because its newest attraction is all sorts of pretty. An added bonus is that it'll make you feel like you just landed in
Who knew Simon Pegg could be the most charming leading man?
1. Man UpStarring: Simon Pegg, Lake BellRecently divorced Jack (Simon Pegg) mistakes Nancy (Lake Bell) for the woman he has a blind date with, but instead of telling him, she plays along to see what happens. And it's seriously one of
Feelings. So many feelings.
Para Sa Hopeless Romantic/VIVA Films1. You have more feelings than you know what to do with. It doesn't take much for the feels to overcome you. A heart-wrenching song, a sentimental YouTube video, the story your friend just shared
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