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Cop a cozy, minimalist feel for your space!
Another thing that inspires us apart from the fashion in K-dramas are the ultra chic home interiors. For some reason, they all seem to have the perfectly cozy, Instagram-worthy room, and we're sure we aren't alone
In case you didn't know, wallpapers are a fun and durable alternative to painting an accent wall!
Are you in the middle of a home renovation? Perhaps you're deciding which furniture to buy or which aesthetic decor to put where. In case you're looking for a quick room refresh, the folks over at Tanaw Studio
We can't wait to see the ~end~ result!
When it comes to aesthetics, someone we look up to is YouTuber Ashley Garcia-we just love everything about her style! So when we found out that her next personal project was to redesign her condo, we knew we had to tune
It may be difficult to start at first, but you got this!
Spending a lot of time at home has made me realize that my room is filled with SO MUCH STUFF. From books and office supplies, to dainty jewelry and a stash of beauty products, to random items that I bought just because
Measure everything!
Having minimal space doesn't mean that you need to limit your creativity when it comes to decor and upgrades. A tiny home can be as beautiful, homey, and maaliwalas as its larger counterparts-it's simply a matter of
That full-length mirror? Need!
Get your Pinterest boards ready because Rei Germar has finally revealed her complete room design by Tanaw Studio and it's so pretty, you're gonna want to redecorate your own space. She shows us the room from every angle,
Working from home ever since quarantine started has meant re-adjusting your schedules, keeping your fingers crossed for stable internet, and most importantly, finding a productive space that let's you stay *in the zone* while working. From reusing old finds
In case you need more stuff (that isn't kalat) for your room.
Here's the sad truth: Our bedrooms are filled with kalat of all sorts, from random things we're too sentimental to let go of, to our emotional kalat from the occasional breakdown that takes place inside its four walls.
It's the perfect time to redecorate!
There's no better time than now when it comes to redecorating or reorganizing your bedroom. After all, as we navigate through our current situation, working from home is clearly in the cards. So why not design your personal space into
Yung every day ka nang nagpupunas ng gamit pero puro alikabok pa rin.
Being at home 24/7 has made me more aware just how maalikabok my space is. Every day, I sweep the floor and wipe every surface, hoping that my condo stays clean for a while. But without fail, the next day, there&#
So simple!
Have you ever sat in your room, looked around, and thought: "Wow, I should really redecorate." Maybe your shelves are still filled with things that you loved when you were a teen, or the colors on the wall just don't