'A customer threw their food at me while telling me to get a new job.'
You've probably seen a customer being rude to an employee at some point in your life or been at the receiving end of crappy treatment. It's always unacceptable-no matter how hangry you are. There are better ways to handle
With confidence, beauty, and heart.
Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach once again showed why she deserved winning the coveted pageant's crown after displaying grace in handling a rude radio caller who attempted to humiliate her on air.Pia was guesting in American DJ Sway's show
This is actually quite sexy.
Selena Gomez stopped by the BBC Live Lounge last week to promote her new album Revival, and as part of her in-studio session, she performed a cover of Canadian reggae band Magic's! 2013 summer earworm, "Rude." Although she didn't
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