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For starters, she's been married before.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are engaged to be married, and they are 100 percent the most chill and relatable royal couple out there. While the pair have been sticking to plenty of traditions (letting Kensington Palace announce their engagement and doing
No offense to the little voice in your head, but she's not as smart as you think she is.
1. Big risks reap big rewards.Don't get us wrong-we want you to aspire to be fearless (the word is on the tagline of this brand, after all). But that doesn't mean you need to approach your career like
aka 'Girl Code.'
1. Don't date your friend's ex. At least not right after their breakup and she's still not over him; she'll definitely mind. If you do, your friendship will most likely be compromised, and you'll also make it
The way we think about love needs a complete overhaul.
There's really no official rule book when it comes to love, but we all know a few relationship norms that have stuck with us for so long that we've stopped questioning them. But now, it's time for these unspoken
You've heard countless dating musts over the years, but some of those so-called "rules" are no longer as rigid. Learn when and how to break them in style.
Rule 1. Never call or text a new guy twice without hearing back from him...Unless: You didn't say who you were in the first text. He might not have your number in his phone.Bottom line: Wait a day before