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Whether you're into indie, pop, rock, or hip-hop!
Running definitely isn't easy. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, it's a continuously challenging workout because you're competing with your own time and endurance-and, I mean, that's the point! As
Will the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit change my hate-hate relationship with running?
I am what you would call a reluctant runner. I've attempted-on several occasions-to get into the habit of running at least once a week, but I find that it just doesn't excite me. I might even
We’re guessing so can Kylie. *Drool*
Jake Cuenca has always been known for his chiseled physique. He's sporty, has a bod made for fantasies, and has pretty much sported a six-pack (or is it eight-pack?) most of his career.He captions these Insta clips as "
We couldn't be more proud of you, Anne!
Anne Curtis is officially a London Marathon finisher and for a good cause! Captured by her husband Erwan Heussaff, the 33-year-old superstar shared a video of her hurdling the 42-kilometer race. On Instagram, she wrote, "Five hours trimmed down
And it's working.
Even though I was born with asthma, I lived the first 20 years of my life without any major attacks. I think I was rushed to the ER once when I was around nine years old, but I barely remember that. The
Cross the finish line with least amount of effort.
Whether you've already tackled a 5K or you're hoping to cover 6.2-miles with little race experience, you won't have to work too hard to cross the finish line with this lazy girl's 10K training plan.The
Finding a comfortable pace is key.
Maybe you've been inspired to start running because of a marathon, or maybe you're just looking for a free way to get fit. And while we may technically all know how to run, it's not necessarily as easy as
Often, the reason most of us avoid the gym like the plague is because we feel inadequate. Compared to the near-professionals pumping iron next to us like their life depends on it, we're there drowning in sweat after two minutes
You really have no reason not to hit the pavement.
If there's one thing that really, truly motivates women to get active-aside from a super hot body, of course-it's the prospect of buying new fitness gear. Call it superficial, but it's true! Stylish clothes are a guaranteed
Lara Parpan is embarking on her first full Ironman in Arizona on November 15. Her motivation? Crowdfunding for the babies and toddlers of Virlanie Foundation.
Picture this: 3.8 kms of swimming (usually in a lake or open water), then 180 kms of cycling (that's like biking from Manila to Nasugbu and back), followed by 42 kms of running (which is also known as a marathon).
Your legs and butt are going to get so strong.
Yes, running is hard enough without tacking on extra exercises. But if you want to be a better runner (i.e., make every stride feel less laborious), these moves can help by improving your strength, stability, and power, says Debora Warner, founder
Here's why she deserved the title.
It's official-Jennylyn Mercado is FHM's number one sexiest woman!From the fourth spot last year, the men's magazine's three-time cover girl has successfully overthrown soon-to-be mommy Marian Rivera in the country's most esteemed
Running changed Jaymie Pizarro's life completely, and it can change yours, too.
Jaymie Pizarro, also known as the Bull Runner, is a runner, triathlete, and the first Filipino to complete the World Marathon Majors (aka six of the largest and most renowned marathons in the world). She's also a mom of two, an
You could be steps away from injury (or embarrassment).
If you're running, great. But you might be running the wrong way, which could slow you down, cause injuries that set you back, or just make you look like a fool.To master it, keep both arms bent 90 degrees as
It doesn't dehydrate athletes!
Some people need their caffeine fix to keep themselves up and alert. But since it causes dehydration and stimulates urine production, athletes were advised against drinking coffee before training and competing. The substance would just disrupt their workout and lower their performance
With a shoe this fetch, you will be forced to get off your ass and work out.
If you're the kind of girl who never exercises and thinks you look awkward in workout wear, listen up: Adidas came up with what they call the "greatest running shoe ever," and you will want to give it a try even
A new study suggests there may be an upper limit.
If you value your life but can't run to save it, there may be a way to live as long as people who run a ton: Stay on your couch. A study recently published in Journal of the American College of
Time to lace up!
Top running coach, national triathlete, and Fit+ Academy founder Kaye Lopez shares, "As a multi-sport athlete, I can compare running to other endurance sports like swimming and cycling. Although it is the most basic and instinctive of the three, ironically, I
Celebrate your passion for running with new adidas kicks!
adidas launched the second phase of its #mygirls campaign in Southeast Asia, choosing actress, singer, and runner Karylle as the local campaign ambassador. Themed around girls' passion for running, the #mygirls campaign focuses and highlights one key insight-girls in Southeast Asia
Be inspired to go eco-friendly in 2012 by your favorite celebrity marathoners who ran for a green cause in the country's top sports tourism destination.
Marathons are more popular than ever, and one of the great things about this trend is that, besides promoting a healthier lifestyle, prominent personalities are also using them as a way to support worthy causes. One of the most high-profile marathons