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It has made its return to the spotlight!
Have you noticed that celebs-local and international alike-and even fashion influencers have been lugging around a certain Christian Dior bag lately? World, meet the iconic Dior Saddle Bag.Here are  Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lawrence lugging around the purse:Korean
BRB, ugly crying.
I'm the kind of person who listens to sad songs whenever I'm down. Some people find it weird, but honestly, it makes me feel less alone when I'm going through something. Not only do I like
Her photos make us want to book a trip, stat!
Sue Ramirez just flew off on her first official trip to Korea as a tourism ambassador! Back in December, the Kapamilya star was picked to be the honorary ambassador for Korean Tourism.Sue's just been in Korea for a couple of
'Show me the meaning of being lonely.'
Did you know that loneliness can physically hurt? No, literally: "The same areas in the brain light up when you experience social pain as when you experience actual physical pain." That's how much loneliness affects us. Humans, by design, are social
You don't have to be a robot in the office!
Espressing sadness can work to your advantage, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. This is especially the case when you're negotiating. (Read: bargaining too!) It can even apply to your work life, in spite of people
Shopping? It's more fun in the Philippines!
Here's something to get y'all excited for 2014: More foreign fashion brands are coming here! And we bet you can't wait to have dibs on their sartorial offerings.Check 'em out below:Confirmed: H&M (For real this time)!