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If you're attending any of today's protests, come prepared.
Part of participating in a democracy is exercising your right to protest. Attending rallies always comes with a certain degree of risk, but that shouldn't scare us away from standing up for our convictions or holding the government to account. We
Make sure you look out for this next time you book a holiday.
Booking accommodation on Airbnb is arguably one of the easiest parts of planning a holiday-providing it all goes to plan.But sometimes that isn't the case, after CBS News reported on a widespread scam that is conning holidaymakers out of
They might be comfortable, but they could also jeopardize your safety.
Planes are hardly the comfiest, roomiest things in the world, so it's natural for passengers to dress as comfortably as they can ahead of a flight. And because it's probably not socially acceptable to roll up to the airport in
Better to be safe than sorry and all that.
Flying might well be one of the safest modes of transport going, but that doesn't tend to serve as a comfort to anyone who's remotely scared about the concept of traveling at 36,000 feet in a tin box in
A group is kidnapping backpackers and forcing them to play a 'game' that usually results in the loss of all their money.
If you're heading to Bali on your holidays soon, you might want to listen up. Because a New Zealand man has claimed he was kidnapped for hours and forced to play a card game which resulted in the loss of almost
Chemically, that is.
Apparently, a study by the Swedish Chemical Agency (SCA) found that fewer sex toys contained harmful chemicals than children's toys. In 2015, the agency tested 112 children's toys and found that 15 percent of them had banned chemical substances. The