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And we loved every moment of it.
Still smarting over the way the Sailor Moon anime ended things? Well, here's your chance for some much-needed closure. Netflix is bringing to the world the latest installment in the franchise, a grand two-part movie called Pretty Guardian
Here's your chance to watch 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie!'
It has been 30 years since Sailor Moon's story was first published in a manga magazine-and the adventure's not over yet! A brand-spankin'-new two-part movie, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie, premiered
Everything's under P400!
Sailor Moon fans, here's something you'll want to add to your cart, stat: local jewelry brand Tala by Kyla just released a Sailor Moon-inspired collection featuring golden necklaces and rings that'll remind you of your
'I love [Sailor Moon] because she is so relatable. Her flaws are so real.'
Meet Karen, the star of Episode 3 of the Fangirl Diaries and a self-proclaimed Geek Girl. She's part of a multitude of fandoms in the geek culture-"What fandom am I not part of? Because I like a lot
Time to relive your childhood!
Looking for things to keep you entertained in quarantine? So far, online concerts, live Q&A sessions, and streamable TV shows, documentaries, and films have probably been keeping you occupied. Here's another thing you'll soon be able to
They're super easy to recreate!
If you're a certified '90s kid, Sailor Moon was most likely a huge part of your childhood. What you probably didn't notice back then is that the outfits worn by the Sailor Scouts can pass off as
'90s anime fans, where you at?
The first priority when buying makeup and skincare is always the quality of the product and the effect it has on your complexion. However, beauty lovers often shop with their eyes first-pretty packaging is almost impossible to resist! Couple it with
So cute!
Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer were game to play dress up for Gavin Kramer's seventh birthday party on January 26.On Instagram, Chesca shared a photo of her cosplaying as the iconic Japanese character Sailor Moon:Chesca even got Sailor Moon'
Hopefully they'll be available in the Philippines soon!
After its 2019 collab with One Piece, Skechers is yet again partnering up with another popular anime to bring us some cosmic-inspired chunky kicks. In collaboration with the Japanese manga turned anime classic, Sailor Moon, Skechers is set to launch five
Get your Halloween costume inspo here!
The stars of ABS-CBN are having a spooktacular weekend as Star Magic rolled out the black carpet for its "Black Magic" Halloween party, which they announced on October 15.If you're looking for Halloween costume inspo, you've come to
Where are her Sailor Warriors?!
Here's some good news: For her national costume, Miss Universe Japan Yuumi Kato will dress up as one of our favorite childhood anime characters! Although the official costume competition won't be until next month, Yuumi has already posted
We're in love with every single one.
Arci Munoz has always been our peg when it comes to creative-and colorful-hairstyles and makeup looks. But did you know? The actress/rock band singer/icon has been dressing up (not just on Halloween) and giving us the ultimate costume
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!
You may remember Heemee Tattoo as the Korean artist who did Anne Curtis' pretty heart ink on her wrist, but we've been longtime fans of her minimalist and realistic tatts for as long as we can remember.So when
Who wouldn't ~*shine*~ after eating these? LOL!
Using up your remaining VLs for a quick Hong Kong getaway? Your itinerary may be packed with all the usual must-visit spots, but spare a couple of hours and stop by Dim Sum Icon! The HK eatery is famous for decorating
With the re-release of new Sailor Moon lipsticks plus a talented beauty guru recreating all the looks of the Sailor Scouts, it seems like everyone's favorite '90s cartoon, Sailor Moon, is having a bit of a revival thanks to its
Sailor Moon fans, rejoice-makeup brand Creer Beaute is adding MORE Sailor Moon lipsticks to its Miracle Romance collection.According to Sailor Moon Collectibles, not only are they re-releasing 2016's Sailor Moon Disguise Pen Makeup Moisture Rouge lipstick, they're
Yup, she created ALL your favorite Sailor Scouts!
Remember Sailor Moon? If you grew up in the '90s, chances are you watched this show and wanted to dress like the titular character-because TBH, why wouldn't you want to battle the evil forces of The Dark Kingdom alongside your
Our 7-year-old selves are promptly freaking out.
What '90s kid hasn't shouted the words "Moon Prism Power, make up!" with all her heart? You know, complete with a dramatic ~*twirl*~. If that sounds like something you definitely got up to in your younger years, then you'll love