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They're *super* cute!
Fact: You can never go wrong with white sneakers. They just check off all the boxes for us, TBH. But if you want to give them a rest and you're looking for something that won't compromise style and
From neon slides to rose-colored sandals and everything in between.
Birkenstock sandals, which have a history that dates as far back as the 1700s, are a footwear favorite among minimalist dressers and normcore enthusiasts. In the centuries since its conception, the shoe has evolved, with iterations of the famous footbed now featuring
Understated chic.
If you find yourself loving the simple, minimalist aesthetic more, you'll be glad to come across this guide! Below, we've listed down all the places where you can buy minimalist sandals that we ~*absolutely*~ swear would go with
We want them all!
ICYDK, '90s fashion and beauty trends are totally here to stay. Case in point: Windbreakers, scrunchies, brown lipsticks, and butterfly clips, among many other things. We have another must-have item from that era: Say hello to ~*chunky*~ sandals, the perfect
Perfect for your boho aesthetic!
In 2019, local brand Munimuni Studio released their boho-chic S'ATIN Collection, a line of stylish rattan sandals that gave the "Jesus sandals" trend of the '90s a modern, bohemian twist. If you loved those rustic pairs, you'
From Chanel to Hermes!
We've always known Jinkee Pacquiao to be a huge fan of designer fashion. Whether she's out or just staying at home, she's clad in expensive OOTDs. (Yes, even her pambahay!) It's no surprise that
We want them all, tyvm.
Our love for sneakers-white ones, in particular-might never go away. They just check off all the boxes for us. But if you want to give your sneakers a rest, another comfy option would be sandals. They are lighter and more
It's a sustainable find, too!
You know the drill: Nude-colored sandals are a closet must-have because they suit any outfit. Whether you're dressed up for work in blouse and trousers or in a laid-back white tee-and-jeans outfit, this footwear style
Perfect for boho lovers!
You can never have too many pairs of shoes. From sneakers for casual days to fancy heels, each pair is special in its own way. And everyone knows the soul-changing sensation you get after seeing the perfect pair and not being
Great for rainy days and more!
The rainy season calls for rain gear, and footwear-wise, boots may be a bit too much for some of us. Plus, it doesn't help that our tropical weather's perennially bipolar, yes?And so we've found
Don't let the rain permanently destroy your go-to pair.
Wearing a soaking wet pair of shoes is never a good feeling, so it's understandable if you'd want to take yours off ASAP. But before you carelessly leave your shoes outside, know that not properly cleaning and drying
Slip them on, sister!
Whether you want to show off your bright pedi or let your tootsies breathe in the heat, these shoes were made to spruce up your summer OOTDs. Check out these trending styles and find out where you can get them.Believe it
It's not the only color you can wear on the Day of Hearts.
Dressing up for Valentine's Day doesn't need to call for the color red; some may find it cheesy or too obvious. But if you're aiming to still look ~*in love*~ on February 14, check out these
Time to put those white sneakers to rest!
Your white sneakers are without a doubt the most reliable pair in your shoe closet. They go with everything, and by everything-from cool girl outfits, LBDs, and even loooong flowy dresses. But quite frankly, the trend is getting pretty repetitive and
We’re in love with every pair.
Move over, bulky, chunky mandals. These days, the most stylish people are moving on to thinner-strapped sandals, and from the looks of it, the daintier it is, the better.Thinking of getting yourself a pair now? Below are the styles to
So stylish!
Upgrade your beach and summer OOTDs with these trendy sandal options:Think your regular flip-flops, but with an added strap for support. With the many designs and colors to choose from, you can definitely pick one that'll complement your swimsuit.
We NEED them all!
The summer season's officially here, and what better way is there to reinvent your summer style than by wearing colorful footwear? From bold hues to pretty pastels, we're listing down the colorful shoes you should be adding to your lust
Note to self: What would Wonder Woman wear?
At 5'10", Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot doesn't exactly need help in the height department. She can tower over some people any day, with or without heels. But given how society normally equates red carpet events to high, high heels,
These combos make for the perfect shoefie!
Pedi sessions are one of our favorite ways to unwind on the weekends. There's just something about sinking into a cushy couch, zoning out for a few hours, and being pampered that no girl could ever resist.And at the end
The bright pops of color are perfect for summer!
When it comes to dressing up an outfit, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to pair it with some ~look at me~ footwear. You know what we're talking about-shoes so eye-catching and incredibly lust-worthy, they'