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They're opening their café *soon*!
Our Uju (Kim Jun) is known for three things: He's *super* adorable, he's one smart boy, and he's a foodie! In the first season of Hospital Playlist, we've seen him munch on Korean corn
It costs less than P2,000!
Those who really know me are aware that grilled cheese sandwiches and waffles are the mainstays in my life. I order these whenever I would dine out or get these via GrabFood. At home, I like making grilled cheese sandwiches using sharp
Classic edition!
Sandwiches make a quick, filling meal, and they can be served during breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner. There are multiple palaman options available, but we want to find out: Which of these is your all-time fave? Below, we've listed
No, the list does not include jam.
Peanut butter sandwiches are already so good, but you could upgrade your go-to breakfast/merienda by adding a little texture or crunch to it! VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Ysa SingsonVIDEO SHOT BY: Bianca Laxamana, Coleen OlivaVIDEO EDITED BY: Bianca LaxamanaFollow Ysa on
Gooey goodness in every bite!
Best served hot, and you can go crazy on the Nutella!***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
And finally make them yourself for a really good meal!
The YouTube channel Food, People, Places just released a video showing how 13 of the world's most famous sandwiches are made. You'll see just what goes into these bites, from the kind of bread to the spread to the filling.
Love at first bite.
Kesong Puti Steak Sandwich Get the recipe here! Easy Pulled Pork Sandwich Get the recipe here! Grilled Cheese Sticks Sandwich Get the recipe here! Tuna Salad Roll-Ups Get the recipe here! Grilled Chorizo and Blue-Cheese Stuffed Burgers Get the recipe
Our blogger, Sheng, samples yummy American fare (in standard HUGE portions) while on vacay in San Francisco, and shares them with us in this post.
SAN FRANCISCO - Thanks to my dad's thin gene, I never had to worry so much about what I eat and the corresponding weight gain that goes with my food intake--not yet, at least. I love food and I'
Sick of unhealthy, overpriced fast food fare? Whip up your OWN healthy lunch in LESS than 30 minutes.