Get a side job that will allow you to save up for your travel fund.
Travel has become such a crucial part of every millennial's life; for most of us, it's even more important than building an emergency fund. And that's okay. To each her own. Some people work nonstop for months to be
From ballin' to literally living on a prayer.
Start Of The Week "Aw yeah, payday! Let's eat out?"~*~ "Okay, I paid all my bills na and I still have X pesos left. Spend or save?"~*~ "OMG, SM is on sale again! We have to go. Promise, I won't
We asked real girls like you to share their secrets to splurging wisely. You're welcome.
Hack #1: Religiously, zealously monitor when and where the sales are."Because sales don't always happen when I have moohlah and vice versa, I always check websites like to see what restaurants and retail outlets have ongoing sales.
Three words: make. smart. choices.
1. Thou shall make lists Save yourself from where-did-all-my-money-go panic attacks and list down your expenses. If you're more tech-savvy, there are also several apps available for your phone that will help you manage your
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