Make February 14 extra special.
Are you still looking for a Valentine's Day gift for your SO? Make the day extra special by being galante: Surprise your love with a bottle of perfume! We've selected a few for you below:Gift your lady
These scents are so ~*timeless*~!
When you're stressed at the office, sometimes all you need is a little spray of pabango to awaken your senses and calm you down. But instead of going for trendy and hipster scents (Fresh laundry, anyone?), why not indulge in
Tip: Steer clear of heavy, musky scents.
Congratulations! You've just landed your first job interview right out of college. But aside from preparing your CV, outfit, and makeup look, you shouldn't forget about your pabango.People often say you shouldn't wear perfume or cologne at interviews
Looking for a new signature scent?
We get it. Once you find your perfect pabango, it'd be crazy to try something else-why risk smelling weird when you already have a signature scent that makes you smell like a goddess all day and night, right? But
Good luck stopping him from leaning in for a kiss.
Though you likely have a scent you reach for on a daily basis, you might be on the hunt for one to use on special events (like date night!). Lucky you, we've curated six amazing fragrances to choose from! And in
It matters where you spritz your perfume.
Okay, so you finally found your signature scent. At first spritz, you smell like a bouquet of flowers, but it doesn't last you the whole day.So what have you been doing wrong? Honey, where you spritz perfume-not how often-
Take your pick: Sassy, A-List, Sweetheart, Rock Chic, Diva, or Sporty.
Acquabella's six unique fragrances from the I AM collection- which includes Sassy, A-List, Sweetheart, Rock Chic, Diva, and Sporty-gives girls the chance to discover different sides of themselves. Whether you are the captain of the girls' volleyball team or
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