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Looking for a new signature scent?
We get it. Once you find your perfect pabango, it'd be crazy to try something else-why risk smelling weird when you already have a signature scent that makes you smell like a goddess all day and night, right? But
Look and feel fresh throughout the rest of this scorching summer with these Cosmo-approved body care buys!
Even with the summer months winding down, temperatures are still at a high! We've got the lowdown on summer-perfect personal care products to keep you looking and feeling fresh for the rest of the summer, from fruity body basics to
Find out which new scents will suit the tastes of various people on your gift list--including yourself!
They say that scent is the most powerful memory trigger, so make sure yours represents who you are and how you want to be remembered. Everyone should have a signature scent, something that people associate with them. Bear this in mind if
If you haven't retired your summer scent yet, let this new crop of fragrances motivate you to do so. We've also got a couple of cologne picks for your guy!
A lot of times, we associate certain memories, good or bad, with scents: the cologne your crush was wearing when you slow danced at your prom; the scent you had on, the day your ex broke up with you; or the perfume
Has your booked-solid work schedule kept you from havin' a beach trip? Get a whiff of our picks and visualize your way to <em>that</em> vacay.