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Catching up on sleep isn't an excuse.
To all our fellow all-nighters, our "isang episode na lang" squad, and everyone else who's had to skip on sleep on weekdays thinking they can just catch up on it later, we come bearing bad news. Unfortunately for us,
Could it be true?
Could the The King: Eternal Monarch, and the premise of hundreds of science fiction novels over the years, actually be spot on? A discovery from NASA seems to prove so as a group of scientists working at the Antarctic reported evidence of
11 of the 42 recognized Order of National Scientists members are female.
The Order of National Scientists (ONS) of the Philippines is the single highest recognition bestowed upon Filipino scientists by the national government. The lesser known cousin to the Order of National Artists, the ONS recognizes exemplary individuals to the Philippine scientific community.
You HAVE to see the photos!
Cosmo girls, the flu season is upon us. Colds and cough can easily affect you, but you can help prevent them by making handwashing a habit. Experts say it is "more effective than any single vaccine," and two educators from the United
What did the DepEd have to say about these results?
Inter-government group Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) administered a two-hour Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) exam to 600,000 students aged 15 years old in 79 countries in 2018.Their findings, which were published on December
There's no reason to panic, according to scientists.
For the first time in almost two decades, scientists have discovered a new strain of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). It's the subtype L of the Group M version of HIV-1, according to CNN Philippines.Current treatments are effective against this
One of their proposed solutions is to have fewer kids.
In 1979, scientists from 50 countries all met up at the First World Climate Conference in Geneva. They agreed that the world needed to be more aware of the impacts of climate change. Unfortunately, greenhouse gas emissions are still rapidly rising with
So cool!
Filipina marine geophysicist Jenny Anne Barretto has discovered what could be the largest caldera in the world, according to CNN Philippines. The New Zealand-based Pinay published the finding in a paper with scientists Ray Wood and John Milsom. They named the
Give your pupper a hug after reading this!
Dogs have proven once again that they're really man's best friend. Along with helping with depression, now, having a dog has been associated with longer life.According to a new study by the American Heart Association, dog ownership
The London patient's case marks a significant development in HIV research.
A man dubbed as the London patient has reportedly been cured of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. While most experts in interviews cautiously call it a cure, they point out that it's difficult to say for sure since he's
Who says you have to be sad when you eat out alone?
If you don't mind not having company when eating lunch at work, or if you enjoy watching a rom-com without a date, or if you're actually quite content with being a fifth wheel with your own hotel
Dr. Jacquiline Romero was named one of the L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Australian Fellows for 2017.
Dr. Jacquiline Romero, a Filipina quantum physicist at the University of Queensland in Australia, was recently named one of the L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Australian Fellows for 2017. This is not the first time Dr. Romero has made headlines:
Loneliness can kill you, so it must be given proper attention.
Time to make new friends, Cosmo Girls!Lonely people are a third more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke, according to new research.British scientists from the universities of York, Liverpool, and Newcastle examined data from over 181,000 people
Thank you, science!
Dr. Sungwon Lee and Takao Someyo of the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Engineering have constructed a new kind of pressure sensor. It's so thin and flexible that it can be made into a glove.Someya LaboratoryWhat's special
But also suggests it could be because they're caught up in the pressures of heteronormativity.
A new study shows that women who are hotter and have higher levels of education are less likely to identify as gay, Eurek Alert reports.Elizabeth Aura McClintock, study author and assistant professor of sociology at the University of Notre Dame, used
OK, everyone, get ready for it: This article is going to feature lots of references to the word...moist. If that made you full-body shiver, you're not alone. (A Facebook group called "I hate the word MOIST!" has more than
My anaconda DON'T.
Oh, the things people do for the sake of science. A wildlife director named Paul Rosalie volunteered to enter (read: be swallowed) an anaconda for a Discovery Channel TV special called Eaten Alive. Wearing a snake-proof suit, the daredevil offered himself
Reignite your passion for learning at this new museum that opens tomorrow. Explore its many interactive galleries with friends--you'll find that science is fun, not intimidating!
Did you find science intimidating--and one of the causes for a drop in your grade point average? Or, were you actually a science geek back in school? Whichever extreme you fall under, you'll find something to love about this cool