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It’s the Oprah of transits. Sort of. Okay, not really.
So Mars has been hanging out in Libra, its least favorite sign, for about six weeks now. Mars represents your ego, drive, and motivation, so in relationship-oriented, compromising Libra, the planet of action doesn't feel so hot. Working and standing
Scorpios stand for intense transformation.
Symbol: The ScorpionRuling Planet: PlutoBest Love Match: CapricornFamous Scorpio: Bill GatesScorpios are fascinating to most folks-they're mysterious and extremely comfortable with their sexuality. Fall into their trap, however, and they can also snap right back at you, causing pain. Scorpios
Channel that Big Phoenix Energy and rise TF up outta those ashes.
Autumn is in full swing, and you know what that means; Scorpio season 2018 has arrived! On Tuesday, October 23, the Sun moved into Scorpio, joining Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. All kinds of Scorpio energy is trickling into your daily life, and
Having a long-ass list of people who have wronged you literally one time.
1. Having someone wrong you and somehow, without you even really trying, coming up with the perfect plan for revenge. Of course you didn't set out to draw up a plan involving a social media smear campaign, three tons of manure,
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ARIES With Aries: There's a tendency toward selfish love. You're both jealous creatures, so there may be quite a number of occasions wherein insecurity shows itself. There's bound to be a lot of passion and vocal
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ARIES Your Love Forecast:With nothing's-too-dirty-for-me Jupiter tempting you to indulge your erotic pleasures, count on your gutsy sexuality kicking into overdrive in 2010. However, when it comes to love, steadfast Saturn urges you to subdue
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ARIESYour 2010 Outlook:Ambitions are hard-pressed with retro Mercury at the start of the year. Yet there's nothing that'll really bust your optimistic Aries-chick outlook. Take advantage of brilliant Uranus' creative vibe around mid-January
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