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Clue: We aren't the least bit surprised.
1. Rodrigo DuterteWhy: The former Davao mayor was sworn in as the 16th President of the Philippines in June. His presidency can be summed up in one word: controversial.2. Song Joong KiWhy: The Korean actor was catapulted to superstardom with his
Sorry AlDub nation, it's NOT Maine Mendoza. E DI SINO?
1. Pope FrancisBorn as Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Argentina, Pope Francis is the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.2. Baste in Eat Bulaga!Baby Baste is the three-year-old tiny tot who was taken in to be part of
Clue: 'Ay ay ay, Papi!'
1. Pope FrancisWhy: It was His Holiness' first papal visit in the Philippines back in January. Here's a look back at his top 10 cutest moments in the country!2. Alden RichardsWhy: AlDub. 'Nuff said.3. Stephen CurryWhy: The NBA star
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1. AlDubThe phenomenal tandem of Alden Richards (see #6) and Maine Mendoza, aka Yaya Dub (see #3), took the Philippines and the world by storm when they were accidentally launched as a love team on Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye in July. 2.
There was porn!
Going through your partner's search history is a definitely a no-no without consent. But do you really want to know what he's Googling? What if you don't like what you find out and can't look at him
The most-searched keyword on Yahoo! is: "love month."
Love is in the air and Yahoo! Search trends reveal that Filipinos are true romantics at heart, searching for ways to get into the mood with key word queries for 'love month' topping the results. Interestingly, February also triggered searches for 'p