The charming journalist tries his hand at modeling in this month's issue. See photos from his outdoor shoot, and read his handwritten answers to our Cosmo quiz!
We in the Cosmo team are thrilled to finally get news reporter Atom Araullo as our Man On Fire because not only have we been fans of his since his 5 And Up days, we've also wanted him on our pages
So, the two of you hit it off the first time and made it to date two. Here's what you can learn about him, to see if he's worth dating again.
1. His Maturity LevelDid he plan ahead and make a reservation, or is it all spur-of-the-moment? Though both can be fun, a man should be thinking in advance at this stage. A "whatever you want" attitude is well-meaning,
On your first date, you knew right away that you liked him. Find out how you can easily score a second one with these Cosmotized tips.
First dates are always a gamble: You just don't know if you'll feel a spark. But if you do, you can set in motion what happens next. "Men believe they're in charge, but they actually respond to women's
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