Being short has just as many day-to-day advantages as being tall.
It's tough being short. You can't reach tall cabinets. People elbow you at concerts. And being a short guy is doubly-tough. You have to deal with a lot of judgmental people who think being a short guy
Ugh, their lives are so cool.
In the event that you spend your time being all, "Yo, how do the royal family get in and out of Kensington Palace without being noticed?", we officially have the answer to that burning question.Per Hello! Magazine, when royals arrive at
There is a very complicated system for pooping.
In terms of adhering to social norms, few places are as stringent as a public bathroom. Making eye contact with a stranger or accidentally bumping someone might elicit a fumbling apology on say, a crowded subway car, but in a public bathroom,
He steals the blanket back!
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'I was sacrificing a lot of time and skills just to kiss artists' asses and make them rich!'
In the world of show business, the faces of the industry are the celebrities-or in local terms, the artistas. You see them on billboards, magazine covers, and your social media feeds. But behind the fame are hidden figures that help them
It'll make you see this tourist attraction in a whole other light.
Unless you're a history buff or a passionate planner, you probably don't dwell on the details of every tourist attraction in your itinerary; you may even leave it up to your guide to make the tour package you booked worth
Orgasming and oversharing go hand in hand.
If you've ever found yourself feeling a little emotionally uninhibited after sex, you're not alone. The phenomenon of letting loose and sharing secrets after sex is such a thing that a series of new studies has sought to prove it
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