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Google Chrome's new functionality may keep more users' online activity more secure.Part of the expansion of its Password Checkup, Google's new tool lets users know if their username or password may have been compromised. A pop-
There's a serious security breach that you can fix straight away.
Upgrade to the latest version of your WhatsApp, stat.This is what Facebook is urging its roughly 1.5 billion users, after receiving a report of a security breach from the Financial Times (FT). "WhatsApp encourages people to upgrade to the latest
Meghan's protection officer is with her on the royal tour.
While you were you were obsessing over the Duchess of Sussex's chic royal wardrobe and gushing over her sweet moments with Harry, you might not have noticed her new protection officer by her side.The name of the guard, who
The Metropolitan Police said in a statement that a 40-year-old woman has been arrested.
A 40-year-old woman has been arrested for attempting to break into Prince George's school. The young Prince began his education at Thomas's prep school in Battersea, London on Thursday, September 7.The Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident and
Think before you post.
It's not just celebrities who need to manage their online reputation. Your social media persona may not be the full picture of who you are, but it represents you and, whether you like it or not, how others perceive you. All
The latest addition to the "OMG ADELE IS THE COOLEST LET US FANGIRL OVER HER" list comes in the shape of the singer stopping mid-performance to have a go at her security guard for telling fans to sit down.During her
Back in the French capital after her sister Kim's Paris robbery incident, Kendall went all out to ensure her own safety.
Kendall Jenner reportedly had a "special handler" at all times during her latest trip to Paris.The American model's older sister, Kim Kardashian, was left shaken and traumatized when a gang of masked men with guns broke into her Paris hotel,
Don't be basic about it, this is important.
Despite the fact we're told time and time again to be wary about how hackable our passwords are, many of us still insist on using the same ones we thought up as a pre-teen, ready to embark on an MSN
You're giving waaaaay more info than you think.
A lot of people have been taking photos of their boarding pass and posting them online for the world to see where they're going. What they don't know is that they're giving too much information. With just a piece