Stay in control.
Whether it may be personal or work-related, stress is already a part of our lives. We sometimes dread getting up because we anticipate "hell week." This thought causes us to feel negative about ourselves-both physically and emotionally. To help you
Self-validation can sometimes be difficult to learn.
In this day and age when everything is on social media, you probaby can't help but be bombarded by sleek and sometimes staged images of what "the good life" should be. It's understandable to have the need to
Be kind to yourself.
Tattoos are meant to represent what you feel or what you stand for. And we think having one centered on self-love will remind you to be kind to yourself at all times. Check out these pretty, delicate tatts for ink inspo!
These are your *golden* years.
I don't know about you, but my teenage years were spent trying to suppress crippling feelings of self-loathing and inadequacy-and I'm sure I wasn't alone. All of John Hughes' movies were right about
It actually makes sense.
On days when you're feeling blue, turn to this simple five-second solution: Swipe on your favorite lippie. It may sound a bit superficial, but it does work! A study done by researchers from Edith Cowan University discovered that the
It's SO true.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S. and affects up to 50 million Americans annually. But acne is more than just dealing with annoying blemishes-it has also been linked to
20-year-old Evita Delmundo is wise beyond her years!
In a world so consumed by our desire to look perfect, Evita Delmundo is a breath of fresh air. Despite having moles all over her body, the 20-year-old beauty auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia 2018.While there is absolutely NOTHING
Representation matters.
I love Instagram, and I have zero shame admitting that fact, but there's no denying that for all it's pretty colored houses and marble table flatlays, a quick scroll through your feed can leave you feeling insecure.There are the
Bloating is ~totally~ normal.
Fitness blogger Celena Kinsey is here to drop a much-needed truth bomb: Bloating is okay. We know that bloating is one of the many body-related things we all struggle with. Some celebs even lay off the salt and other bloat-
'I'm learning to celebrate what I was born with.'
c"I remember being really jealous of girls who had small breasts because they could wear cool t-shirts or have this cute underboob and no one was ever offended. You see that all the time, girls who have less breasts, they
Right on, Lexi!
A lot of the time, we work hard to conceal our stretch marks, not flaunt them. The norm of embarrassment aside, Lexi Mendiola is brewing in us the courage it takes to say, "there's no more need to hide!"The 23-
Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'!
If you've ever looked through an Instabae's feed and wondered how she looks so flawless, it's probably because she's mastered her angles, as well as the art of holding a pose (and her breath)
If it's meant to happen, it will.
The holiday season means family reunions and barkada outings are happening left and right. No matter what the occasion is, there's always one question that pops up every time: "Why are you still single?"Every year, my relatives and friends
Don't lose yourself in the process of finding 'The One.'
We all know how difficult it is to find that one person you're going to spend the rest of your life with. But the constant pressure from society for women to find a partner has caused some to rush things when
'By wearing body paint I feel like I'm taking off a shield.'
It's not everyday when you get to see people walking in public wearing only body paint to cover their bodies.For model Julie, doing this stunt was her way of leaving all her insecurities with her figure behind. "By wearing body
You're going to have to set some boundaries.
At some point, you've probably been forced to confront someone you would call a narcissist. But the term means more than just having a big ego. Actual narcissism is a real personality disorder in which people feel overly important, require admiration,
You only post edited photos of yourself on social media.
People who are narcissistic or self-obsessed have very similar traits, attitudes, and behaviors, as found by psychologists over the years. Generally, being narcissistic has to do with believing that you are better than everyone else and wanting to be admired by
Here's a teaser!
After gaining fame and critical acclaim through hardcore acting in True Grit, Hailee Steinfeld is dipping into the music scene. The journey's been pretty smart and subtle - notice how she's been appearing in more musical roles in movies (Begin Again
At only 18 years old, this young woman already knows the secret to really feeling good about yourself.
Syracuse University student LaNia Roberts has already gained campus fame for her "Weather by LaNia" Snapchat Stories, which appear on Syracuse's Campus Story and receive about 5,000 daily views, reports the Daily Orange.This week, Roberts gave a motivational speech
Don't let Instagram get you down.
If you've ever found yourself knee-deep in someone's Instagram or Facebook, obsessing over how perfect their life, job, boyfriend, body, style, or whatever is, don't fret. Everyone falls into that rabbit hole at some point. But, keep this
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