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Say hello to a ~new~ Lee Jung Jae on Instagram!
Since the launch of his Instagram account, Lee Jung Jae has been uploading photos frequently and boy, do I love it! It's simple: Every time I see a new Lee Jung Jae pic, I double-tap. I would even share
You can feel her bubbly personality in her photos!
It looks like Kisses Delavin is one of the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 candidate favorites. She grabbed the top place of the pageant's Headshot Challenge-which gives us an idea that she's the apple of the eye of
Truer words have never been spoken!
Itaewon Class star Lee Joo Young drew attention last week after her classy comeback at a rude, unsolicited comment on her most recent Instagram post. Joo Young, who occasionally posts gorgeous selfies with no makeup on, uploaded another barefaced photo of herself
From makeup tips to the most photogenic poses!
I confess: I like posting cute pics of myself on Instagram because I want to. As a good friend from the BCU from Clubhouse would say "nagmamaganda." I mean, there is really nothing wrong with feeling yourself on Insta-it's
Timing is everything.
If you haven't been taking your pics during golden hour, you're missing out on a lot! "Golden hour" happens between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., before sunset. (If you want to be more accurate, you can
Level up your IG game.
After staying in for so long, people have come up with many ways to make their IG posts more interesting. At-home OOTD pics called for dried flowers, mood lighting, and mirrors. Speaking of mirrors, if you're planning to invest
She reminds us why we shouldn't be superficial.
Rabiya Mateo will represent the Philippines in the 2020 Miss Universe pageant that will be held on May 16, 2021, Florida, United States. As a beauty queen, she is always subject to criticism whether it be her opinion on pressing issues or
Zoom it in!
I have a confession: One outlet I've gotten into during quarantine is to think of cool ways to update my Instagram. It may sound shallow for some, but I find taking photos of anything (and my face, LOL) as a
Save these!
Film cameras are cool and fun to have, but most of the time, you gotta spend extra money on them. There's buying the camera itself, ordering rolls of film, and paying a separate expense for you to get the pics
BRB, saving them all.
Whenever I post on Instagram stories, I always think about how I can make my content look a bit more ~aesthetic~. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally not against #nofilter photos, boomerangs, or videos but I gotta admit
A good photo deserves the best caption.
We're pretty sure this situation is familiar: You love your makeup look so much that it has to be shown to the world. You are snatched, glowing, and beautiful. Your selfie deserves to be seen! To level up the impact
Because sometimes, four (or more) pics are always better than one.
Do you also have those days when you take selfies and you can't seem to choose which photo to share 'cause they're all *too good* not to post? Yup, been there! But the good thing here is
Feelin' cute? Don't delete.
Out of all the social media apps I've ever used, Instagram would have to be my favorite. As someone who loves to take photos and videos, there's just so many fun things you can do on the platform!
Look cute in seconds!
On days that "wala ka nang baon na poses," there's a particular pose you can always turn to. Although celebs love it so much, you don't need to be a pro to master it. Plus, I'm
Helpful tip: Good lighting is optional when you have an ass that shines.
Not all selfies are created equal. There's the selfie selfie, the mirror selfie, the sexy selfie, and, my personal fave, the belfie (aka the butt selfie). The booty selfie is pretty unique in that it's not as easily achievable as,
We can only guess!
It's been 23 days (yes, sis, we're counting) since Park Bo Gum enlisted in the military, and we miss him so, so, much already. Although, with Record Of Youth episodes coming out weekly on Netflix and his frequent posting on
What a ~bae~.
A K-Pop idol and K-drama actress in one, you can definitely call Bae Suzy a total package. She's definitely on our list of our favorite Korean stars-talented, stylish, and more! What's not to love? While
It's super easy!
You know that feeling when you can't decide which photo to post on Instagram? Well, celebs and influencers have found a fix-by doing it photo booth style! Instead of choosing just one, you can upload four or more snaps
Werk those poses!
This quarantine has resulted in most of us switching to a work from home setup. But with nowhere to go and no one to take our photos, our Instagram feeds are now beginning to feel the absence of new OOTD posts. The
Ang lakas maka-fresh!
Something I've been noticing recently is that a lot of influencers have been coming out with their very own Instagram filters for their followers to use and play around with. I knew it was only a matter of time before