That is some dedication.
It can take some serious motivation to get ourselves to the gym on one occasion, never mind going 100 days in a row. But that's what Lakeisha, the inspiring subject of a video doing the rounds on social media, did-and
You only post edited photos of yourself on social media.
People who are narcissistic or self-obsessed have very similar traits, attitudes, and behaviors, as found by psychologists over the years. Generally, being narcissistic has to do with believing that you are better than everyone else and wanting to be admired by
At only 18 years old, this young woman already knows the secret to really feeling good about yourself.
Syracuse University student LaNia Roberts has already gained campus fame for her "Weather by LaNia" Snapchat Stories, which appear on Syracuse's Campus Story and receive about 5,000 daily views, reports the Daily Orange.This week, Roberts gave a motivational speech
Spoiling yourself doesn't have to cost a lot of money or involve a ton of effort.
Our ultra-pleasurable ideas are simple, inexpensive, and designed to give all five of your senses a jolt. Oh yeah...and they make you feel like a vixen.1. Stash an oil burner with a citrus-scented essence in your room. This
Improve your social skills with these simple tricks for attracting the attention of others.
1. Improve your posture. In a study, those with good posture were deemed to be more exciting than slumpers. Set your stance by pressing your upper back against a wall, then work to maintain the position.2. Maintain eye contact.Many people
Go beyond your boundaries this April. Here are a few suggestions that are guaranteed to make you even more fun and fearless.
1. Single? Every week, be ballsy and chat up a hottie in an unconventional place--like while doing your grocery shopping or in line at the bookstore.2. Make a three-month promotion plan. Start logging all the accomplishments you've made
Need to make a life-changing move before the year ends? Consider these Cosmo tips before you take the plunge.
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