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Because confidence is beautiful!
In this day and age of social media, it's so easy to judge people based solely on their looks, and over the weekend, Kakai Bautista had some pretty ~powerful~ messages to share as she advocated self-love.The actress confidently
Add these to your New Year's Resolutions!
Sometimes keeping up with new year's resolutions can be a daunting task, especially since we're still grappling with a worldwide pandemic and its repercussions in our daily lives. I mean, who doesn't like a new opportunity to start fresh
Maxene invests in herself by sticking to a non-negotiable morning routine!
Maxene Magalona has been focused on just the ~good vibes~ lately by treating herself to a solo trip to Boracay and a spontaneous retreat to Baguio, but have you ever wondered how the actress practices self-love?In a lengthy Instagram post
She also encourages other women to do the same.
Mom of two Sarah Lahbati is all for embracing her stretch marks. In an Instagram post uploaded on January 26, she shared that she is "tired of hiding" her stretch marks. She then said, "I'm not perfect. No one is.
'It's okay to put yourself first.'
It's a given that the past year has been challenging. We're all living in uncertain times, and the struggle to keep a positive outlook is so, so real. We know it's tough to wake up on
These simple habits help keep me sane.
If you've ever stumbled upon astrology Twitter or TikTok, you'll know that people consider Mercury retrograde to be a *big* pain in the bum. ICYDK, Mercury usually goes in "retrograde" (aka it appears to go backward in its
'I'm still proud of my progress.'
On September 20, Alexa Ilacad posted a pic on Insta wearing a cute green bikini. This might not seem like a big deal for some people, but for her, it definitely is. In her caption, the 21-year-old actress and recent
Her self-care routine starts at five o'clock in the morning!
ICYDK, former actress Michelle Madrigal is now a wellness coach based in the United States! Michelle's a doting mom to her daughter Anika, who is turning four years old this year, and is also active on YouTube where she now
Here are some of our fave TikTok reminders from Ayn!
Before she became one of the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 candidates, we've gotten to know Ayn Bernos through the many hats she has worn in the past years. From working as an English teacher in Spain, to becoming an entrepreneur
'I was never really confident in my own body until just recently.'
For most of my grade school and high school life, I was on the badminton varsity team. I wasn't the best player in the roster. I wasn't even the strongest hitter, highest jumper, or the most agile. If
'I thought I was ugly, had a body I hated, and all I did was party.'
On July 16, Lauren Young opened up about her body image in a moving post on Instagram. The 27-year-old star shared a photo from eight years ago and it shows her in the middle of Muay Thai training. "Eight years
Because true happiness starts from within.
Self-love is super important, not just because it's nourishing and uplifting to prioritize our wellbeing and speak to ourselves with affection, but because it means we're then in a better position to give and receive love to
The affirmations will hit you right in the feels.
With everything that's been going on these past few months, it's totally understandable if you have those days when you're feeling low. One quick tip that you can try is to reflect (or better yet, meditate)
Ayn Bernos talks about what she does when she's feeling self-conscious.
Q: Lately, ang dami kong nakikitang gusto kong subukan, like wall-climbing, for example, pero nase-self-conscious ako when I think about making a mistake in front of other people. Sometimes, nangyayari rin 'to at work. I feel like I&#
Ayn Bernos shares her thoughts on body neutrality and go-to affirmation.
Q: Given the nature of my work and dahil sa interests ko na rin, lagi akong nagsc-scroll on social media. Dahil dito, may mga araw talaga na nai-insecure ako dahil sa mga nakikita ko online. For me, hindi rin option
From us, with love. We're so proud of you.
It's been such a long and exhausting year, but we wanted to take a moment to honor you-our readers, our community. You each tried to cope with the heaviness that came with the uncertainties of the pandemic, whether that&#
This is how it affected our relationship—and my self-worth.
The day after he asked me if we could date exclusively, my boyfriend and I had an early dinner at some swanky High Street restaurant. The floor to ceiling windows welcomed the soft sunlight of late afternoon, and bathed us in honey
Complete with heart-shaped balloons, too!
Valentine's Day is universally known as an occasion dedicated to your S.O. or partner-you take them out to a romantic dinner or shower them with chocolates and flowers to show your ~appreciation~ for them. But, it can also
'It's a reminder to work hard for your dreams.'
ICYDK, Ivana Alawi just turned 24 on December 25, 2020, and a few days ago, she finally revealed everything she got from her birthday in one of her YouTube uploads! Aside from gifts from her family, friends, and fans, there was one
Pinays share what 2020 has taught them about self-care, strength, and more.
With only a few days left in 2020, I'm sure we can all agree that we just can't wait for this year to be over. We've all gone through a lot, and honestly, hitting that imaginary ~refresh~ button in