Here's what you need to know.
There is a boatload of misinformation-as well as completely glossed-over facts-that young adults are missing out on when it comes to sex.Take "dry orgasms"-a phenomenon in which a man orgasms but doesn't ejaculate-and something this
Semen isn't in your meal plan.
Look: Nothing against blow jobs. With the right person, under the right circumstances, they can be quite enjoyable! But, toward the end, things tend to get dicey. Things have to finish (*wink wink*) one way or another, leaving you-the giver of
Aka ejaculate on your face.
Like literally any other sex thing, there's nothing necessarily demeaning or bad or demoralizing about a "facial" (AKA when a guy ejaculates on a partner's face) if it's something both parties are equally interested in. But also like literally
All spunk is funky, but sometimes it is *too* funky.
Very many things about the male human body are a mystery. Penises, why? Those tiny nipples, what!? But dip beneath the hairy surface of a man's skin, and even more mysteries await, hiding away in his male depths.While usually
Bet you didn't see that coming.
You may have heard the claims that semen is some kind of protein-rich superfood, or that putting it on your face will give you better skin. (A semen facial is an actual thing that people have tried.) But while yes, there
We have so many questions.
Yup, you read that correctly. SEMEN.SPERM. SMOOTHIES.Vegan and personal trainer Tracy Kiss had been feeling rundown, and wanted something that would give her a boost of energy. So naturally, she asked her friend for some of his *juice* and he
It's going to be alright but you need to act now.
Oh, hello there. I assume you're here because you currently have semen in your eye, or you think you might soon, which is fair because you're a human who hangs out with penises and this is a thing that ~*happens*~.
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