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Stop moping about the past and living in regret, or looking too far ahead into the future. Slow down and savor every moment of the present.
Are you always bogged down by thoughts of what-ifs and should-haves? Or are you the type to have every millisecond of your day perfectly mapped out? It's time to break up with your past and to-do list and
To have truly spine-tingling sex with your man, try working all five senses at once. Check out these sensory menus that channel different erotic vibes.
Close your eyes and think of your last sexual encounter. You're probably recalling how it felt, since touch is the primary sense engaged during sex. But, invoking multiple senses at once has a hot payoff: It heightens each individual sense-like
End the year--and begin a new one--with a great, big bang! Cosmo tells you how to make that exhilarating high last even after you’ve reached the peak.