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Experiment with the slippery stuff to make your sex life more satisfying and exciting.
A sexy smile, good hands, rhythmic hips--no doubt, your guy has what it takes to get you off. But, there's one more thing that can seriously up your odds of climaxing. Experts agree that personal lubricant, a.k.a. lube,
To have truly spine-tingling sex with your man, try working all five senses at once. Check out these sensory menus that channel different erotic vibes.
Close your eyes and think of your last sexual encounter. You're probably recalling how it felt, since touch is the primary sense engaged during sex. But, invoking multiple senses at once has a hot payoff: It heightens each individual sense-like
From telling her she has bad breath to divulging that her man is cheating, learn from Cosmo's Honesty and Tact 101.