The customer didn't even give a tip.
Working in the hospitality industry can be hard enough-the long shifts, anti-social hours, customers with shitty attitudes to contend with plus minimal pay-without having to deal with an evidently sexist table taking the notion of a "tip" quite literally
Looking old, sallow-skinned, and unpretty after the holiday rush? Treat yourself to an overnight pampering sesh that will undo the damage.
Stress BusterNow that the holiday rush is winding down-you're done Christmas shopping, attending countless parties, and scurrying to finish work before the long break sets in-you realize you look like you've aged a year in less than a
Treat yourself to relaxing me-time this weekend by booking that spa appointment you deserve at Asian Massage. You enjoy the service at home, too.
We know how hard you work, our dear Cosmo girls. As the weekend nears, we highly recommend that you unwind some by visiting your favorite spa or better yet calling a home service establishment. Nothing beats a calming body massage in melting
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