I found myself a winner in this setting powder!
I've always had oily skin. I spent most of my life believing that every foundation, BB cushion, or tinted sunscreen would just rub off after a few hours of wear. I've tried all kinds of base products-from
'Nahanap na ng oily face ko yung katapat niya!'
If you're a makeup junkie living in the Philippines, you would know that setting powder is *definitely* a non-negotiable in your routine, especially if you have oily skin. This important product ensures that your MOTD base won't
It only takes five steps!
We love a good full-coverage foundation just as much as anyone else, but if we can score the same level of ~flawlessness~ sans the heavy, cakey feeling of a thick base, we're all ears.Someone who has mastered the
This routine is certified MRT- and Angkas-proof. ;)
Wearing a full face of makeup while commuting is a dangerous game. With the situation in this country, you can never know whether your makeup will still be there by the time you get to your destination. We're here to
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