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It's ~merch heaven~!
Calling all ARMYs and Carats: The In The Soop Pop-Up Store in Manila is finally open and it's ~very nice~! ;)For those who are new to the BTS and SEVENTEEN fandom, In The Soop is a *healing* reality series
We can totally see him as a K-pop idol!
Business Proposal star Kim Min Kyu certainly has the looks to pass for a K-pop idol, but did you know that he actually once trained to become one?In a recent guesting for MBC's Radio Star, Min Kyu revealed
We can't wait to ~rock with you~, SVT!
Filo Carats, get ready to say "SEVENTEEN right here" because S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino are coming to Manila!The announcement was made on the group's official Facebook account where
They look so alike!
Aside from the remarkable talents K-pop idols possess, they are also blessed with jaw-dropping and ~ethereal~ visuals that will make you wonder if they are even real. While each idol's facial features are unique from each other, it&#
They got what it takes to be fashion icons!
In recent years, it's pretty obvious that K-pop has made it big worldwide. From stellar production, unique concepts, and highly-entertaining content, there are many reasons why people around the world have fallen into the rabbit hole. K-pop
It's a whole new world of treasures for your reading pleasure!
When you're new to K-pop or K-drama, you're probably amazed at discovering new things every day. Aside from the wide variety of music, movies, dramas, and artists you can get into, there are different other aspects
They are their favorite stress relievers!
Humans are great companions but for animal lovers, there is something about being surrounded by cute pets that can truly take away all the stress. Our favorite K-pop idols are no exception and they are among us who have an undying
Find out if your MBTI type is compatible to theirs!
Though it's been a few days since the release of "Darl+ing"-SEVENTEEN's first English digital single-we're still not over how the track and the MV pushed our feels into an overdrive!In a meet
SEVENTEEN member Woozi participated in writing the song's lyrics!
SEVENTEEN is back with a new song and much to the delight of their global fans, it's all in English!The popular K-pop boy group just dropped the music video for "Darl+ing", their first ever song recorded entirely
So sweet!
K-pop fans are one of the most devoted fandoms you'll ever meet-apart from collecting all the available merch released, they would also put up billboards on their faves' birthday, donate to charities under the name of their
Find out if your faves made it to the list!
Over the years, I have seen how K-pop fans show their love for their bias groups: From burning their songs on a CD to streaming their singles on Spotify, it's amazing to see how fangirling has evolved. But if
And they shed light on things like, 'Can you really buy an iPhone with photo cards?'
One girl's "trash" is another (fan)girl's treasure. That's my biggest realization when I started seeing videos about photo cards (PCs) on TikTok. I had a few PCs from my BTS merch. They were all just collecting dust, TBH,
We totally wish we were there, too!
If you're a K-pop fan, it's practically ~heaven~ to be surrounded by things that remind you of your favorite groups-from their songs to their magazine covers, to even things related to their backstories and how they
You'll be surprised!
Thanks to the Produce series, survival shows have become one of the trendy ways to form and debut groups. While the show spurs project groups such as I.O.I and Wanna One (both of which we miss dearly!), other survival shows
They're worth adding to your playlists.
K-pop fans all have their own personal stories about their love for the genre. For some, the highlight of their fan lives would be the friendships developed because of their fandoms. For others, it could be the inspiration they get from
Seriously, they can pass off as twins!
Admit it-when you first entered the K-pop fandom, you were hella confused about who's who. But after you discover their cute quirks and personalities, you can now tell everyone apart with your eyes closed. But some K-pop
Back to listening to our faves!
Article updated: March 11, 2021, 7:00 p.m.Ten days after a number of K-pop songs disappeared on Spotify, the music streaming platform and Kakao Entertainment (previously Kakao M) have confirmed that they've settled their contracts.In a
Some of them even have an IG account dedicated to their snaps!
When they're not busy performing on stage or filming K-dramas, Korean stars enjoy their downtime. This is a way for them to recharge, unwind, and unleash their creativity. While we love seeing them do their ~thing~ during photo shoots,
They're all unique and witty!
Creating your Instagram username is a great way to unleash your creativity-you can use another language that translates to your name, use a totally different (read: random) handle, or be witty and sprinkle it with puns! Korean celebrities, both K-drama