It's from the creator of 'Sex And The City,' need I say more?
I credit pop culture for playing a huge part in my formative years, specifically Sex And The City. I know I might've been a bit *too young* when I first watched the show (I was probably 10 or 11), but
It's versatile and v cute!
We're calling it: The It 2000s bag style is back on-trend. The baguette bag was such a hit during the heydays of the TV shows Sex and City and The OC. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Marissa Cooper (
Our sun and stars looked a little different in 2000.
According to the bible, God created the world in 6 days and just like Craig David, had a good old chill on the Sunday. But new scientific evidence (don't ask me to provide it, I don't have it),
Yes, Lara Jean, we think drama can be fun, too.
Korean-American Lara Jean Song Covey (Lana Condor) writes love letters-but she never sends them. Whenever Lara Jean has an intense crush, she writes a letter and pours her heart out to flush the feelings away. She keeps them in a
I watched 'SATC' for the first time and this is what I learned.
Right around my 22nd birthday, I found myself in a somewhat unusual place: an Anthropologie dressing room trying on a very fancy dress that I had no business buying. The top was black and came up around my neck and the bottom
'I love you, but I love me more.'
As the resident Sex & The City badass, Samantha Jones undoubtedly deserved a show of her own dedicated to her hot sexcapades, #ambitious career milestones, and sassy AF comebacks. Buuut, since that never happened (at least, not yet), we've made a short
'I don't think any of us have said no,' says Sarah Jessica Parker.
Sex and the City has taught us some valuable life lessons over the years-a round of cosmopolitans can solve everything, dating is exhausting, and if you ever run into your friend's ex, it's essential to curse the day they
Straight from Sarah Jessica Parker herself.
Sex And The City/Warner Bros.It's been 12 long years since Sex and the City wrapped, but we still have so many important questions, like, why the hell did Carrie cheat on Aidan? Were all those cocktails they drank real?
Hinted Sarah Jessica Parker!
Is this real life?Sarah Jessica Parker fueled rumors that yet another Sex and the City film is on the way, after she posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account: "Well. I guess the cat's out of the (medium brown)
The best 11 minutes you will spend today.
We can't deny it-we miss our favorite New Yorkers. It's been 11 years since the Sex And The City series ended and we still find ourselves watching reruns and reaching for our DVD collection on sleepovers and boring weekends.
When we asked you on Facebook to share your favorite fictional leading men, we weren't expecting to get over 100 answers, so it's pretty cool that you ladies fangirl just as much as we do!Here are some of our
Crossing our fingers!
Kristin Davis is hoping for Sex and the City 3! The 48-year-old actress-who played Charlotte Yorke in the hit films and long-running HBO series-has hinted that a third movie could be on the cards as there have
<i>Sex and the City</i> star Sarah Jessica Parker arrived in Manila yesterday (May 14, 2013).
Calling all Carrie Bradshaw fans! Sarah Jessica Parker arrived in the Philippines on May 14, Tuesday night. The actress was invited by SM Aura Premiere to be its guest of honor for its grand opening on May 17.The news of SJP'
Craving for ice cream? Check out these new <em>Sex and the City</em>-inspired creations from Haagen-Dazs. Cosmo suggests when--and with whom--to best enjoy each!
Our cover girl looks blooming, stylish, and ever the Cosmopolitan woman she has always been in this issue. See the clothes from our shoot.
See for yourself how our gorgeous cover girl looked--and acted--the part of the fun, fearless party girl for this issue. There's a twinkle that never left her eyes.
Two of the movies you've been waiting for, <em>Sex and the City 2</em> and <em>Eclipse</em>, are finally coming out this month! See what else is showing!
The hit movie and TV series' award-winning costume designer tells us all about the <em>Sex and the City 2</em> fashion experience.
Have you ever caught yourself wishing you could be your favorite character from a movie? We have. Check out our list of 10 dream girls!
True happiness boils down to very simple, surprising essentials. Unlock the secrets to real bliss.
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