Cosmo Sutra positions aside, these easy yet no-fail tricks will make him more pumped up to please you in the bedroom.
Describe A Sexy DreamTell your guy that you had a dream about him--even if you didn't. He'll ask what it was about, so say it's still hazy but you think you were having crazy sex in the kitchen.
Find out what these common bedtime mental images really mean.
Dream Symbol #1: FlyingFreewheeling through the sky reflects the soaring sensation associated with climax, which is why you may have a dream like this after experiencing an orgasm.Dream Symbol #2: Riding an elevator up and down but never reaching your destinationYou
Find out what some of your strange nighttime fantasies reveal about your current relationship mindset.
While many steamy dreams are a nocturnal treat (you and the office hottie sharing torrid kisses on a deserted beach, for example), others--such as cheating on your guy or engaging in unprotected sex--are nightmarish. And, since new research from the
Ever had a steamy sack your sleep? Find out what it means!
At some point, we've all gotten lucky in dreamland. Whether your racy reverie is red hot (bedding Robert Pattinson) or just strange (knocking boots with the guy who signs your paycheck), there's a reason why it popped into your head. "
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