You can have your cake and eat it too, AND still have sex.
Yeah, maybe you should have remembered the classic dinner date rule: F*ck first. But you didn't, and now one or both of you is nursing a red-wine-garlic-bread-cheesy-pasta-tiramisu food baby while still wanting to
We know that when you're getting hot and heavy with someone, it's not exactly romantic or sexy to stop and check if you're condom's still good to go...but you definitely should because condoms
Is cozy-horny a thing?
It may seem like a stack of pillows wouldn't make that much of a difference, but ohhhh baby, it does. It. Does. A little tweak to an angle or a bit of a butt-propping is ~*everything*~. Grab some willing
When to just give your vagina a rest, and when to head to the doctor.
Bleeding after the first time you have sex (while not a given) is expected-when the hymen stretches (usually called "breaking"), some light bleeding can take place immediately or a few hours after sex. But postcoital, vaginal bleeding can happen pretty much
The rare illness causes flu-like symptoms for up to seven days after ejaculation.
Have you ever noticed a guy get the sniffles after a particularly hot bedroom session? Because-giant newsflash-if you have, it could be that they're allergic to sex. I know, it sounds ridiculous. But just hold your horses.New
It's the oldest dick move in the book.
If you're a woman who has had sex with dudes, then chances are you have encountered the oldest dick move in the book. It's the one I like to call: Ye Olde Jizz And Roll Off. It often
Your baby will kick more.
We all know how rough and frisky sex can be, and the curious ones among us have wondered if sex is okay while pregnant. It surely looks uncomfortable in our imaginations. Even awkward and painful, and not really very sexy. Here, we
'Basically when she stinks, it drives me crazy.'
Man A: 29.Man B: 28.Woman A: 52.Man A: Women.Man B: Women.Woman A: Both and all genders.Man A: This past year is when I realized it. I don't have a thing for my own, it
It's such a mythical thing that we were a bit like, 'Woah, did that just happen?'
Squirting, for some reason, has always been a topic of great debate. From researchers fighting about whether or not it's just pee to literal bans on the act. Across the Atlantic, for example, female ejaculation was recently included on a
Sex toys can bring you closer to your partner.
The idea of going to a sex shop may make some of us uneasy. We might have our prejudices against sex shops: dirty (literally), full of crazy stuff, or a place only for kinky or sexually unsatisfied people. Following that logic, going
It's true, you don't need love to have ~*explosive*~ sex.
There's a now-famous Sex and the City episode where Charlotte tries *really* hard not to be attracted to her divorce lawyer, Harry, who, as we all know, ends up being The One. Prior to their happily ever after, however, Charlotte
From finding your G-spot to how long sex lasts.
The real G-spot is named after Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist who first wrote about it in the 1940s and '50s. It's usually located about five to eight centimeters inside the vagina, on the front wall of the vaginal
All I needed was yoga and positive thinking. Just kidding!
The most embarrassing question I've ever had to ask my therapist was about sex but it wasn't what you think. I was in college and I'd been going through a period of extremely low sex drive-it was a
When it comes to having protected sex, many of us leave it up to the guy to know how to properly wear a condom. But what we're realizing is that men aren't as vigilant about it as they should be,
Let's put an end to all the rumors you've heard.
You probably remember hearing the rumor sometime during puberty, maybe even before you were fully sure about what "sex" was: If you've got a vagina, the first time you have sex is going to be unpleasant and probably painful. Obviously this
BRB, living forever!
If a small part of you died when you found out that sex doesn't actually count as exercise, this news should revive you: Sex may deliver the even better benefit of prolonging your life, according to the results of a small
'Cause UTIs are no fun.
One of the most common rules of sex is that you should always pee afterwards. Why? Because it prevents you from getting a urinary tract infection (UTI). It stops the bacteria that got to your vaginal area from going into your urethra.
Ready to take your sexcapades to the next level?
Looking to buy a new (or maybe your first) sex toy? Ilya just opened their first physical sex toy shop, and it's located on Maginhawa St., Quezon City. Here's a sneak peek of all the ~wild~ things you can expect
'I was miserable; I thought I was doomed to have painful sex for the rest of my life.'
Common fetishes mostly involve body parts: feet, hands, and elbows.
Anyone who (secretly) watched Sex and the City growing up probably remembers that one episode when Charlotte innocently wanders into a shoe store only to realize that she can't afford anything they have in there. The salesperson takes notice and offers
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