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This summer, you can keep yourself cool even while heating things up under the sheets. Let the temperature rise with these frosty, frisky sex tricks!
It’s not always his fault you can’t climax. Know five common bedroom boo-boos that keep you from reaching the big O and find out how to fix ‘em.<br />
Going...going...gone. Sometimes it seems like just as your man's sliding into home, your orgasm's fouling out. But rather than chalk it up to bad luck, it may simply be time to switch up your gratification-getting MO. "Without
Sexy Scavenger Hunt, Dirty Dice, Kinky Coin Toss--the names say it all!
At Cosmo, we think sex is serious business. Seriously fun, that is. And for the love month, we've decided to up the fun factor even more by devising these sexy bedroom games. "Playful sexual activities not only infuse your erotic encounters
Want to give your man a V-Day present he’ll remember for years to come? Send him over the edge by being the greatest lover he has ever had!
Try this collection of seductive stunts that involve a cotton cloth, a deck of cards, and...earplugs? Just trust us. Your honey will thank us for it.<br />
Who says you need a man in your life to feel sensual? Cosmo gives you DIY tips on tapping your sex goddess potential.