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'I've dated women who criticized me for not being man enough, for not having slept around more.'
Ever wondered how many people the men in your life have slept with? It's something we've thought about but don't ask outright-more so if the man in question is your boyfriend, in which case the fear that he
Choosing not to have sex can be for any reason—and all reasons are valid.
1. Choosing not to have sex can be for any reason-and all reasons are valid. Maybe you're choosing to abstain because of your religion or you want to wait until marriage. Or maybe you're not waiting until marriage but
Is it 'bad sex' or rape?
There's a sad, unfortunate cultural trope of women faking orgasms to please men-who can forget the scene in When Harry Met Sally? Now, unsurprisingly, a new, although small study reveals that women do fake orgasms for a reason: so the
Take our poll to clue us in on how you first learned about s-e-x.
SEX. Remember the days when you used to squirm at the sound of it? Now, you find it practically everywhere: TV shows, movies, advertisements, and, well, your bedroom. But let's backtrack a little bit to the first moment you learned about
Ready to be schooled? We're giving you a rundown of sex-related trivia you need to know.
Here's a little game we can play: Can you name sex-related terms for every letter of the alphabet? The Cosmo team had a little X-rated fun doing this article, and we're sharing our findings with you. Browse through
Want to be "the one he loves" and "the one he <i>lusts</i> for"? Possess these bedmate qualities and be unforgettable in your man's sexual history.
You already got him head-over-heels in love with you, but you'd also like him to fall head-over-heels into bed with you--and with that same burning passion. Or, perhaps you're hoping to make a lasting impression
If you're in a new relationship, find out how to answer one of the trickiest couple questions.