Men get hot at the drop of a hat, but it takes more to turn us on. Add zing to your sex life by leading your guy to the spots that please you.
While the genitals are the most obvious pleasure points-for both men and women-there are other hot spots on the body. The inner thigh area, the neck, the breasts, and the nipples are particularly sensitive. To help you get in sex
Turns out, dreamland is a naughty place! Learn how the two best things you do on a mattress are linked.
SEXY SLEEP SURPRISE 1: People Get Busy While SnoozingYou've heard of sleepwalking, but a small number of people have "sexsomnia," a real condition that spurs erotic activity like masturbation, fondling, and intercourse while sleeping, according to psychologist Michael Mangan, PhD, author
If sex isn't that great between you and your guy, here's what you can do to spare his ego, get your own satisfaction, and make the best of the sitch.
Step 1: "Don't apologize."Don't instinctively take on the blame if things go wrong. It's normal for you to experience setbacks or inconveniences--from not being able to come or pulling a muscle while trying out a new position--
Some of these amorous activities might sound super sexy, but they're actually hotter in theory than in practice.
THE MOVE: Using food below the belt during oral sexREALITY CHECK: Tasty treats can be erotic, but putting sugary edibles down south can lead to a vaginal infection. THE MOVE: Dripping warm wax on your erogenous zonesREALITY CHECK: If it's too
Know how to have the most mind-blowing phone sex, pre-act…and learn what he does NOT want to talk about during and right after the deed.
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