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Because the best present is you...naked.
The holidays are fast approaching, and whether you've been with your partner for five days or five years, now's the (stressful, chaotic) time of year to come up with a gift for them. Oh, and the gift should
Just some new and diff variations for when you're in the mood.
Maybe it's your first time, maybe you've been backing that ass up for a while, or maybe you're on the anal fence and require a wee pep talk. In which case, here you go: "Enjoy sex
It's also great for intimacy.
The flatiron sex position doesn't seem like it would be one of the most intimate positions you'll ever be in- there's no eye contact, for one thing-but somehow it manages to be super cozy and
It may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.
The face-off sex position isn't necessarily the most physically difficult, but emotionally, it's an advanced move. "Face-to-face sex is a great way to build emotional intimacy and feelings of closeness. The increased eye contact that comes from
And they don't require any gymnastics, you're welcome.
Whether it's your first threesome or having another threesome is just what happens on Wednesdays, they can be tricky to navigate. Think about how complicated sex is with just one other person having their wants and needs and junk. Then
It's called the coital alignment technique (CAT).
After watching Netflix's NSFW series Sex/Life-which, yes, is somehow even steamier than Bridgerton-you're probably wondering a few things: If there will be a second season, where one can get a pink leather jacket, and most importantly, what
You're welcome.
Like puppy videos, sex is just one of those things most people can't get enough of. Whether it's having it, learning about it, or just thinking about it, therapist and sex expert Angela Jones, PhD, says sexual activity is pretty
Here's how to get the intensity level juuust right.
So you have a partner with a thick dick. Congratulations, right? Or possibly, yikes. That's a lot to work with! BUT we can help you make it feel good-real good-for both of you.A thick dick can be
Yes, as in one of you is upside-down.
Standing 69 is exactly what it sounds like: 69 (simultaneous oral sex) while standing.So, why do this? 'Cause you can. (Maybe...) "If you and your partner want to spice it up and try a fun challenge, standing up can take
Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. ;)
There are a few things in life that are better than actual dogs, but for some, doggy-style sex is definitely up there. Whether you get on your hands and knees for penetration or you're the one doing the thrusting,
Right this way for all the kinky details.
Allow me to introduce you to BDSM's sort-of-similar cousin shibari. You may know it as Japanese rope bondage or by the term "kinbaku," but it's a contemporary form of rope bondage that originated in Japan, says sexologist Midori,
Missionary, boring? Absolutely TF not.
Missionary position is like the starter Sim of sex positions, because you can make it into whatever you want. It's also basic (in a good way), offers lots of skin-to-skin contact, and, if you want to kiss, hey,
Like, the absolute last thing I want to do is accidentally knee you in the face.
Just to be clear, I do understand the practical intentions here. You get one, I get one, then we proceed to sex sex. But here's the thing: I never actually get one this way. And tbh, you probably don't either.
...based on basically every q you've ever had.
Being on top is often touted as THE way to take control of your pleasure, make sex (especially penetrative sex) feel the way you always thought it should, and give you orgasms all over the place. And sure, it *can* do those
Why not try a fake penis on for size?
Even though Freud's theory of penis envy is so very wrong, it's a moot point anyway because now, with a lil dildo shopping session, you can hook yourself up with your own damn penis. With your own penis,
From an epic masturbating scene, a quickie-in-the-rain adventure, and more.
When Bridgerton dropped in December of last year, I'm pretty sure everyone's libidos perked the hell up-mine included. You just couldn't ignore the fact that a good portion of the plot involved very hot people
We got you.
If you're a little bit nervous or maybe full-on freaking out about your first time having sex, congratulations, you are completely normal! First time sex is pretty much never As Seen on TV, ie., graceful, perfect and well-lit.
Of course, you should totally feel free to go rogue.
What sex position is gonna really do it for you or your partner? Perhaps the stars have an answer. After all, we look to them for tips on almost everything else. When it comes to the bedroom, knowing your zodiac sign and
No matter what your situation, we gotchu.
Whatcha got going on this Valentine's Day? Whatever you relationship status-or lack thereof, thankyouverymuch endless effing pandemic-you're going to be doing something, even if it's having a particularly stellar bang with yourself.Yes, Valentine&#
Featuring many, many uses of the word 'squat.'
Officially, the leapfrog, according to the Ministry of Sex Positions Standards and Naming (an institute I just invented) means any rear-entry doggie style variation that lets you control how deep you want to take...whatever it is going inside of you."