2019, everyone.
Between the abundance of full-frontal male nudity (so many penises, so little time) and the recent animated Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson fan fiction sex scene, Euphoria is never not doing the most. And Louis does not seem here for it.
What a *ballsy* decision.
You know how everyone loves HBO because it's basically a free-for-all? Like, it truly is the network that will serve you a bare butt, a line of cocaine, and an F-bomb-laden monologue all within the first
BRB, screaming/flailing/spiraling.
Hello, how are you? If the answer is traumatized after yesterday's episode of Game of Thrones, hard same over here! But we're here to discuss one of the happier moments in the episode, aka the moment Jaime and
Attention, Jon Snow's butt! Time for your close-up.
The final season of Game of Thrones has already started airing, and if the hit show is known for one thing other than consistently killing off your favorite characters, it's the crazy amount of nudity and sex. And while these
She legit thought it was a prank at first.
A lot happened during Sunday night's Game of Thrones, including an entire conversation about Tormund being breastfed by a giant for three months (help). But the most jaw-dropping scene of the night? When Arya and Gendry had hot forge
'Kailangan ba talaga nakahubad?'
Jane Oineza and McCoy De Leon both went daring in Dreamscape Digital's latest digital series, Project Feb. 14.Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, the sexy psycho-thriller series will be streamed on ABS-CBN's iWant starting February 9.
Yikes! Awkward.
A Hollywood career in front of the cameras has many perks, but filming forced, awkward sex scenes is certainly not one of them-especially when things don't unfold quite according to plan.From excessive perspiration to agonizing injuries, the following
'It was very now.'
Anne Curtis teamed up with Dingdong Dantes for Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story), a film about a man (Dingdong) who suffers from insomnia and hires a woman (Anne) to accompany him during sleepless nights.A far cry from their beginnings as
The movie relies on frustrating myths about women and sex.
Deep down in the horniest depths of your soul, you know there's only one reason to see or read any iteration of the Fifty Shades franchise: the sex. Yes, it's true the sex scenes written by E.L. James have
Compose yourselves, GG fans.
Gossip Girl got away with a lot for a teen show, particularly when it came to Chuck and Blair. It would have been a crime to waste the mind-blowing chemistry between Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick, after all. But there were
No twincest here (but a teeny bit of aunt/nephew sex because we are only human).
Look, we all know Game of Thrones is essentially 70 percent porn and 30 percent beheadings. But that 70 percent ain't all horrificly disturbing un-consensual sex-some scenes are *actually* really hot. Never fear: You'll see no
Boners happen.
It takes a lot of thought to make on-screen hookups seem both spontaneous and graceful-i.e. nothing like messy regular-people sex. New York-based choreographer Tricia Brouk has been brought on to help map out scenes that include especially
We wish Iris (Nadine Lustre's character) didn't cry after. It made Basti (played by James Reid) look like he just took advantage of her.
Our first thought: Why did it have to be in a car? (Not that we're complaining about the whole thing.)Our second thought: Why did Iris (played by Nadine Lustre) have to cry right after?! Major buzz kill. The October
If they can't watch porn, there's always these cinematic standbys.
1. Black Swan (2010)"In the scene, Mila Kunis is going down on Natalie Portman. The entire movie is a psychological thriller so you're already on edge, and then this scene between two beautiful women comes out of nowhere. There is
And, oh yeah, she regrets all of it.
Jennifer Lawrence got pretty wasted to calm herself down before she shot her first ever sex scene with her Passengers co-star Chris Pratt. Woah, girl! Jlaw admits she was so inexperienced in preparing for the steamy scene, she decided to have
"Sex and romance is a huge part of human motivation"
Game of Thrones has received a fair bit of flack for some of its sex scenes, even just for the sheer amount of them, but Natalie Dormer has stuck up for the show, saying she doesn't really see what all the
We rounded up the steamiest sex scenes from some of our favorite chick flicks and iconic films.
You might want to schedule a steamy date night with your man (or your vibrator, perhaps) after watching these super hot sex scenes from some of our favorite movies. The NotebookOh, the good old days of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. We
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