'It was very now.'
Anne Curtis teamed up with Dingdong Dantes for Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story), a film about a man (Dingdong) who suffers from insomnia and hires a woman (Anne) to accompany him during sleepless nights.A far cry from their beginnings as
The movie relies on frustrating myths about women and sex.
Deep down in the horniest depths of your soul, you know there's only one reason to see or read any iteration of the Fifty Shades franchise: the sex. Yes, it's true the sex scenes written by E.L. James have
Compose yourselves, GG fans.
Gossip Girl got away with a lot for a teen show, particularly when it came to Chuck and Blair. It would have been a crime to waste the mind-blowing chemistry between Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick, after all. But there were
No twincest here (but a teeny bit of aunt/nephew sex because we are only human).
Look, we all know Game of Thrones is essentially 70 percent porn and 30 percent beheadings. But that 70 percent ain't all horrificly disturbing un-consensual sex-some scenes are *actually* really hot. Never fear: You'll see no
Boners happen.
1. Dance choreographers are often called in to help. It takes a lot of thought to make on-screen hookups seem both spontaneous and graceful-i.e. nothing like messy regular-people sex. New York-based choreographer Tricia Brouk has been brought
We wish Iris (Nadine Lustre's character) didn't cry after. It made Basti (played by James Reid) look like he just took advantage of her.
Our first thought: Why did it have to be in a car? (Not that we're complaining about the whole thing.)Our second thought: Why did Iris (played by Nadine Lustre) have to cry right after?! Major buzz kill. The October 25
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