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'It felt like a huge pressure was building up and then...released.'
Let's talk squirting. Otherwise known as female ejaculate, it's the liquid that sometimes comes out of your body during and/or post-orgasm. For some women, it may happen every time they experience an O-but for others, it
Sex isn't a quiet act, so why not narrate it?
Talking dirty is an effing skill. Sure, it's easy to sext something super-hot behind a screen, but when you're actually together IRL and have to say it out loud? That can be intimidating AF.The good news: it's
Today in surprising news, Kim Kardashian is out here revealing to the world that she's not super comfortable talking about sex. Which is kind of unexpected considering her public image is pretty damn sexy. But, clearly said public image is
Openly discussing sex won't make you a slut. It's time to live this truth.
For all the strides women have made in different areas of society over the decades, sexuality is still thorny ground where traditional beliefs threaten to push us back from our progress. We keep mum about sex, and we're called prudes; we
The original Pinoy Big Brother hosting trio, Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez, and Bianca Gonzalez made a special appearance on Tonight With Boy Abunda on Friday night. The three hosts, who've been long-time friends IRL, talked about love, married life, and