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Cell phones are dirtier than toilets. Just saying.
For longer than I'd like to admit, sex was a bedroom-only activity for me. I'd do it in my bed, on the floor, and sometimes bent over my desk if I was feeling kinky enough. But I've recently
And they don't require any gymnastics, you're welcome.
Whether it's your first threesome or having another threesome is just what happens on Wednesdays, they can be tricky to navigate. Think about how complicated sex is with just one other person having their wants and needs and junk. Then
One writer recreates all of Billie's steamiest NSFW moments.
When Netflix's new series Sex/Life dropped a couple of weeks ago, I immediately added it to my queue. Your girl loves a good sex scene, and this show clearly had plenty.And reader, they did not disappoint. When watching
All your sex robot questions, answered by an expert...
Sex robots are a hot topic at the moment, and they're often spoken and written about as if they're everywhere-taking over our real worlds and becoming more popular every day. But do sex robots actually exist? And
Including sex in a bathroom, in the kitchen, and more.
Hey there, Upper East Siders. I wanted to do something very "scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite" to honor the return of the series.But because I can't jet off to Spain with some guy I just met or write a
It's called the coital alignment technique (CAT).
After watching Netflix's NSFW series Sex/Life-which, yes, is somehow even steamier than Bridgerton-you're probably wondering a few things: If there will be a second season, where one can get a pink leather jacket, and most importantly, what
How do you find it and why should you be stimulating it?
You know the saying, "that hits the spot"? There's a good chance the sex gods were thinking about one spot in particular when they created that phrase: the A-spot.Yup, the a-spot is an area you most likely didn'
Why exactly do feet turn people on?
When it comes to turn ons, everyone has their thing. For some people, it's neck kisses and candlelit dinners. For others, it's the entire first season of Bridgerton. Whatever it is, there's probably something super specific
Someone's relationship may look completely different than yours, that's okay.
First of all, if you've landed on this article, I want you to take a deep breath because you are not in this alone. If you're here because the amount of sex you have now is different than
You're welcome.
Like puppy videos, sex is just one of those things most people can't get enough of. Whether it's having it, learning about it, or just thinking about it, therapist and sex expert Angela Jones, PhD, says sexual activity is pretty
Working on staying present during sex is crucial.
Have you ever felt distracted and not able to focus while having sex? Because not feeling present during sex is a super common experience, yet one no one really seems to talk about. New research from sexual wellness app Ferly has found
Please, please, do not do anything while the car is moving.
If you associate car sex with mediocre fingering in the back of your mom's car, you owe it to yourself to try again. Because as an adult, car sex is extremely underrated. Let me explain.Believe it or not, your
Let's dive into it.
You know that feeling when someone kisses your neck and your whole body involuntarily shakes? Or when someone strokes your forearm and you get chills? Or what about when someone whispers in your ear and it feels literally orgasmic?Yup, these areas
Hand hygiene is super important!
Many of us viewed fingering as ~the thing~ to do when we were young and horny. Then as we got older, the classic sex move was traded for acts like oral, anal, and falling asleep alone with Netflix playing in the background.
One writer reveals what led to her first-ever squirting orgasm.
Let me start out by saying that I had never filmed myself during sex before-with a partner or alone.But one day, after scrolling through porn that seriously gave me the ick, I wanted to find something that was real. Something
Here's how to get the intensity level juuust right.
So you have a partner with a thick dick. Congratulations, right? Or possibly, yikes. That's a lot to work with! BUT we can help you make it feel good-real good-for both of you.A thick dick can be
Yes, as in one of you is upside-down.
Standing 69 is exactly what it sounds like: 69 (simultaneous oral sex) while standing.So, why do this? 'Cause you can. (Maybe...) "If you and your partner want to spice it up and try a fun challenge, standing up can take
Just when you think you have enough lube, add some more.
For some, the words "anal sex" insight feelings of euphoria and excitement. For others, it makes them immediately clench their butt cheeks in panic. Whether you're Team Love Anal, Team Not For Me, or somewhere in between, there are a few
I'm asexual, and my pleasure likely looks a lot different than yours.
I know what you're thinking: "Umm, is she serious?" And yup, I am, 100 percent. I've never had to do anything to "satisfy my sexual urges" because, well...I have none.You see, I'm asexual (which
Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. ;)
There are a few things in life that are better than actual dogs, but for some, doggy-style sex is definitely up there. Whether you get on your hands and knees for penetration or you're the one doing the thrusting,