'It’s cute and perfect.'
Recently, NewNowNext writer Bobby Box wrote about whether gay men judge each other's buttholes like dicks, and the answer-after extensive anecdotal research-was...yes, they do.This, naturally, got us thinking: Do hetero guys judge, or even notice, women's
'You never know unless you try.'
Guys, butt things are no longer just for horny frat dudes who get jacked up for "ass eating szn." According to data collected from nearly 5,000 couples on Simpactic.Us (a site that helps couples find their mutual sex interests), 21
Get your timers ready!
If you feel like you're struggling with communication in your relationship, and you're not getting what you want in the bedroom, then the Three-Minute Game could be for you.It's as simple as it sounds
You have to have a sex talk that feels less than sexy...
When people hear the term "sexual dysfunction," most think of men and little blue pills. But it can happen to women, too, and it includes things like painful sex, an inability to orgasm, trouble getting aroused, or having zero interest in even
'Every cis man I have been intimate with has done oral and digital manipulation too quickly.'
Eating someone out can be a major turn on, which is why we can understand some people can get carried away and forget what they're doing. Everyone can be guilty of this, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. Here,
It's nothing like what you may have seen in porn, mmk?
First off, kudos to you for clicking on this article. Considering most of you probably have a preconceived notion of what double penetration is strictly based off of your XXX online video queue, I'd say it's a win we
Honestly, they’re not a thing. They never have been.
Guys are still out here believing and hawking the "blue ball" myth. This is the school of thought that when a man gets aroused, but for whatever reason (ahem, you not being interested in going that far perhaps?) is prevented from ejaculating.
Yes, tired-but-horny is a legitimate feeling!
Consult your mood ring, then see what you gotta do.Lie facedown and spread your legs a little so your partner can penetrate you from behind (a pillow under your hips can help with the angling). Put your hand or, for maximum
And how to deal with it.
Your sister is scoring on Bumble. Your bestie, who's been in a relationship for basically forever, can't stop talking about the crazy new BDSM move her boyfriend showed her. And your mom (your mom) bought herself a clit vibrator.
It could be this simple.
Everyone wants to work on ways to improve their sex life, and there are all kinds of tips and tricks out there claiming to help you do so. But the answer could actually be lying in the other aspects of your life.
'Think about how it feels when you swallow a big pill and practice opening your throat that way.'
When it comes to blow job techniques, deep-throating is seen as one of the most intense tricks you can pull out of your sleeve. Other than being the alias for a Watergate informant, deep-throating, the sex act, refers to when
"Stop asking yourself, 'What would he like?'"
Raise your hand if you're having way better sex now compared to when you first started having it... okay, that's a lot of you. And that tracks. Not everyone is a sex god right out the gate! In
Besides, ya know, anal.
Lube is woefully overlooked as the sexy beast it actually is. Don't believe? Straddle your partner, look them straight in the eye and slowly squeeze a fat dollop into your hand-they'll be 100 percent in, like, instantly.
Here’s how to keep the boning on the DL.
Look, if you're partnered up or just have "a friend" coming over at 2 a.m., the people you live with totally knows what's up. And even if they're cool enough to put on headphones and blast Netflix as
It depends.
While you and your partner might have dabbled in cock rings to help solve an erection issue or just for fun, do the things actually have any effect on the strength of your orgasms? We spoke to a few experts and here'
Slippery slope! Proceed with caution!
Whether you've always had threesomes on your bucket list or you never really considered it until your partner brought it up, one thing is for sure: Please don't do it because you feel like you "owe" your partner one after
You don't necessarily need chains and whips to make this exciting.
Being dominant in bed means...whatever the eff you want it to mean! Whether you're looking to mix it up as a usually-submissive bae or love to leave your partner panting for more, bring out your more commandeering traits
There should be a service that brings you Gatorade after this.
While blow jobs are a great measure to get the party started, there is quite a bit of downtime, so it's easy for one's mind to wander. I mean, of course, I'm thinking about your peen, but I'm
Yes, it can fall under the foot fetish category.
While it might seem totally salacious and perhaps disgusting, toe-sucking is a lot more nuanced than you'd think. And yes, while toe sucking *can* fall into the "foot fetish" category, it's also popular enough as a standalone
There's a perfectly reasonable explanation, don't worry.
Let us start by saying two very important things: 1) Sex is healthy and 2) Wanting to have sex is perfectly normal. That said, let's talk about one-night stands. Whenever someone has a one-night stand, the consenting parties
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