For a position that seemingly everyone has heard of, cowgirl can still be intimidating! Being on top can come with a whole new set of questions. What do you do with your hands? What do you do when your legs get tired?
Be prepared for anything and everything with these 15 must-read tips.
The secret thing you don't realize about the first time you have sex until wayyyy after it's happened is that there's no wrong way to do it. As long as it's totally consensual and
Simultaneous orgasms are equivalent to getting free dessert!
Yes, simultaneous orgasm seems to always magically and effortlessly happen in movies because the two people are ~soul mates~ or whatever. In reality, orgasming at the same time is neither necessary nor easy, but if you're dead set on it as
Get it, girl! (But only if you want to!)
Even though it's 2019, it can be hard to totally reject some of the outdated "rules" surrounding sex and dating: Putting out on the first date means you're easy. Wait until date #3 to have sex. Make '
If you haven't boned in a while and want to make your next sesh extra fire!'s been a while. Maybe you're in a long-distance relationship. Maybe you were on a break. Maybe you just haven't had sex in a while and have no discernible explanation for it, which is
Need an XXXtra long detox from porn? Try these moves.
Porn is all kinds of hot (yay porn!), buuuut it can also really muck up your sex life. When you have 24/7 access to hyper-personalized gratification in .001 seconds, it can be hard to get as excited about a slow
Everyone gets nervous sometimes, but a switch in positions can go a long way.
Sex can be completely anxiety-inducing for those of us who are shy, in our own head, or just feel nervous about being our most naked, primitive, O-face-making self in front of another person, especially someone we're really, really
It's NOT the time to DTR, girl.
Ah, pillow talk. Once described as the place that is so pure, so dirty, so raw, it's the place you spend your time effing (and if you're not careful) fighting-thanks, Zayn Malik, for that lyric! But, let'
Have 'Fifty Shades'[ sex minus the creepy rich boyfriend part.
Submission can be all kinds of hot. It's a chance to totally release yourself into the experience, face the unexpected, and be completely open and vulnerable with another person. Plus, if you have trouble getting out of your head during
But first, what is lube exactly?!
The short answer? No. But sometimes, you're just not wet enough, so you might need a little lube to keep things from chafing down there. And that's 100 percent okay. More than necessity, though, consider the possibility that
No, you're not going to accidentally bite down and hurt him.
Bad news first: Blow jobs are always a little bit intimidating. Thrusting your face at a penis is hard sometimes-pun intended, obviously. But it's especially nerve-wracking the very first time you do it. Just like you were probably
'It's like having my personal porn.'
The idea of masturbating in front of someone else can, understandably, be a little bit daunting. It can make you feel vulnerable, and maybe even a little bit silly or shameful. But, there's nothing to be ashamed of-and it
Like how couples who always have p-in-v sex have poorer sexual function.
Dr. Karen Gurney, clinical psychologist, psychosexologist and director at The Havelock Clinic, explains what everyone should know about sex.There's no reason why women and people with vaginas should be orgasming significantly less than men and those with penises, though
Orgasm for one, please.
Although you probably already have a pretty good idea of how to get down with yourself (Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something), it's a good idea to mix it up
'I was trying to relax myself and accidentally let out a cracking fart.'
Pegging-when someone who doesn't have a penis dons a strap-on and anally penetrates someone who does-can be a lot of fun and be verrrrry pleasurable if done right (trust me, I've tried it). But as
It's tricky, but empowering!
While it's unclear why this sex position is called the Amazon, one could guess it's because the woman is taking on a more traditionally dominant role, much like an Amazonian warrior. It's definitely not a beginner-
While some see it as a fulfilment of male fantasies, others say it feels pretty damn good.
First and foremost, scissoring can be for everyone! It's a position for all genders and genitals. However, it's widely known as a "lesbian sex move"-the position you're bound to come across when you search for lesbian porn.
Blindfolds are really an excuse to just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Blindfolds are like the duct tape of sex-they're multi-purpose. They can help you be super present and lessen your inhibitions while also making everything seem a little edgier. Caveat though: the first time being blindfolded is scary. If
Yes, he wants you to whip out your vibrator.
When it comes to sex, you might be wondering if there are tips and tricks guys want to share, but don't. Frankly, there is no magic erogenous zone or blowjob technique to have on standby that's going to blow his
Get wet, get off, and then get out.
Shower sex in the movies is always so damn steamy, even down to the artfully-placed steam. But for the rest of us, sadly, it can be kinda awkward if you don't have a well-paid Swedish art director to
Sex and relationship expert Esther Perel explains.
Couples who have been together a long time know that sex plays a key part in a romantic bond. When the sexual connection is satisfying, it generally takes up a healthy fraction of the relationship's energy. But when the sex becomes
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