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Why not try a fake penis on for size?
Even though Freud's theory of penis envy is so very wrong, it's a moot point anyway because now, with a lil dildo shopping session, you can hook yourself up with your own damn penis. With your own penis,
Here's a helpful little guide for when you're feeling extra naughty.
No matter what stage you're at in your relationship, it can be difficult to tell someone how you feel-especially if what you feel is horny. Despite the fact that technology has made it easier for two people to communicate,
It's about being truly connected to your body and your pleasure.
Although the words "erotic" and "sex" might seem pretty interchangeable, it's no secret that sex can feel different depending on the situation, what you do, and who you're doing it with. Whether you're after casual sex,
I believe this calls for many, many orgasms.
Sure, there can be a lot of pressure on Valentine's Day to make it le most romantic day of the year, but honestly, it's just your average Sunday. And as long as you and your partner are both enjoying yourselves,
Of course, you should totally feel free to go rogue.
What sex position is gonna really do it for you or your partner? Perhaps the stars have an answer. After all, we look to them for tips on almost everything else. When it comes to the bedroom, knowing your zodiac sign and
Here's how you can dabble in temperature play during sex.
Allow me to introduce you to the very best way to chill out and heat things up right now during this cold szn: temperature play.If you don't know already, it's basically what happens when you use hot
Featuring many, many uses of the word 'squat.'
Officially, the leapfrog, according to the Ministry of Sex Positions Standards and Naming (an institute I just invented) means any rear-entry doggie style variation that lets you control how deep you want to take...whatever it is going inside of you."
Plus, it can make sex more pleasurable.
We're probably all familiar with what moaning during sex sounds like-whether from an overly dramatic performance in porn or a film, or actual real life. But there are so many questions when it comes to moaning: why do we
Hey, you need *something* to look forward to.
Every New Year's feels like it's going to be a fresh new start, but, damn, this year is that times infinity. And yeah, welcoming the New Year might be a little weird too. No parties, no random hookups
Is cozy-horny a thing? It should be.
Pillows are secret sex toys that live right there on your bed. Whether you use a specially designed sex pillow or wedge or just your regular old pillows sitting there looking so innocent, a strategically-placed pillow or two can make a
Want to get tangled in my spider web tonight?
Halloween is officially here. And besides the obvious things that come with the holiday, it's also a great time to pull out the Special Occasion Sex. Seriously, what's hotter than sex during one of the ~spookiest~ times of the year?
'Wait, can I get arrested for this?'
Regardless of whether you've dabbled in car sex or not, you know that some people seem to have, uh, strong opinions about it. I know a few women who love it, I know some that hate it, and I know
And no, this isn't a guide to slobbering all over your partner.
ICYMI: The tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the body. Not only can it bend, twist, lick, and maybe even turn into that weird shape you used to flex back in middle school, but it literally functions to help you
Just in case you’re thinking about trying it in the future.
The first time I ever heard the term "strap-on" was on Sex and the City. And while it's not exactly the most progressive show in terms of body positivity or LGBTQIA rights, it did teach me a lot about sex-
Sure, you’re close with your partner, but you can always get even closer.
If the goal is just to have an orgasm, NBD. You can get there yourself with your hand, a vibrator, or whatever mad-scientist DIY sex toy you rigged up on day 817 of quarantine. And self-wanks are fantastic-keep it
Who says you gotta take anything off to get it on?
There's a reason strippers don't just stride out on stage buck naked then just stand there eating a banana or something. Clothes, (and/or other sexy accessories we're wearing at the time), and how we remove
There are some things in life that, inevitably, don't last a long time (read: gum flavor, power naps, buffalo chicken pizza slices, etc.). But sex... should not be one of those things. Sure, there's a time and place for a
Sorry to ruin pool tables forever for ya...but also not sorry
When it comes to creative sex positions done away from your bed, a table has got to be up there on the list. For starters, everyone has one, if not several (yes, I'm counting desks here people), and the opportunities
Trust: You can get more creative than 'red.'
If I had to guess, I'd assume your idea of what a safe word is comes from that one Fifty Shades of Grey scene. But FWIW, outside of the weird contractual obligation Ana and Christian Grey had, regular normal relationships
Sick of traditional sub-dom roles? We gotchu.
If adhering to traditional gender roles during sex isn't working for you-for a night, for a longer period of time, or for your entire lifetime-behold some inventive ways to hook up with someone who are completely gender fluid. For