The patient acquired it from his partner who was infected in Cuba.
The world's first-ever known case of dengue being spread through sexual intercourse has been confirmed in Spain.A 41-year old man from Madrid was reported to have picked up the virus from his male partner who was infected during
'Do you wanna grab a drink tonight?' has a 100 percent success rate.
Sometimes you just want someone new or familiar to come over and hook up. Whether it's an ex you've already been through the ropes with or that hot Tinder guy you keep meaning to meet, who it is
Is your body ready?
Smart phones are great and all, but-and I will fight you on this-the truly great tech revolution is the suction or "oral sex" vibrator. It gives you the kind of subtle, extremely-focused stimulation that you never knew you needed,
'It’s cute and perfect.'
Recently, NewNowNext writer Bobby Box wrote about whether gay men judge each other's buttholes like dicks, and the answer-after extensive anecdotal research-was...yes, they do.This, naturally, got us thinking: Do hetero guys judge, or even notice, women's
'You never know unless you try.'
Guys, butt things are no longer just for horny frat dudes who get jacked up for "ass eating szn." According to data collected from nearly 5,000 couples on Simpactic.Us (a site that helps couples find their mutual sex interests), 21
Because everyone has that one go-to move that finishes their guy off in seconds.
Is there any better feeling than pulling off a blow job that you know for a FACT truly rocked your partner's world? Probably not. No matter how confident you feel about your fellatio skills, it can be easy to rest on
If they do the chore you hated doing as a child, they’re in it to win it.
Yeah, you don’t have their number saved in your phone, too.
If you're not really sure how to describe your booty call to your girlfriends, you're not alone. The standard idea of who a booty call is doesn't even exist anymore. Gone are the days when this was just the
Get your timers ready!
If you feel like you're struggling with communication in your relationship, and you're not getting what you want in the bedroom, then the Three-Minute Game could be for you.It's as simple as it sounds
You have to have a sex talk that feels less than sexy...
When people hear the term "sexual dysfunction," most think of men and little blue pills. But it can happen to women, too, and it includes things like painful sex, an inability to orgasm, trouble getting aroused, or having zero interest in even
You don’t have to be a teenage boy to experience ’em, mmkay?
Forget everything that you think you know about wet dreams, because, hi, they don't just happen to young boys. The end. That's the story. Goodbye.Just kidding: It gets way deeper than that. Scientifically, wet dreams are actually called nocturnal
What a lovely topic, lol.
This morning, I rather cruelly asked my teammates: "What does semen taste like to you?" And despite the groans from people who were close to vomiting, I got some pretty honest/hideous/eye-opening answers.Their responses ranged from: "Like accidentally swallowing
Yes, this v important research involves rabbits and a will to know WHY.
Scientists just published a new study looking at bunnies having sex while on prozac to determine their theory that the female orgasm is useful beyond just reproductive needs. Yep! (You can read that over again, but you read it right the first
'Every cis man I have been intimate with has done oral and digital manipulation too quickly.'
Eating someone out can be a major turn on, which is why we can understand some people can get carried away and forget what they're doing. Everyone can be guilty of this, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. Here,
It's nothing like what you may have seen in porn, mmk?
First off, kudos to you for clicking on this article. Considering most of you probably have a preconceived notion of what double penetration is strictly based off of your XXX online video queue, I'd say it's a win we
Honestly, they’re not a thing. They never have been.
Guys are still out here believing and hawking the "blue ball" myth. This is the school of thought that when a man gets aroused, but for whatever reason (ahem, you not being interested in going that far perhaps?) is prevented from ejaculating.
It’s a more common problem than you think.
Two hot people look at each other. Desire pours out of them. They rip off each other's clothes and immediately start petting and panting. Sex happens, everyone orgasms, and the whole thing is steamy and super graceful...Ha! Only in
Yes, tired-but-horny is a legitimate feeling!
Consult your mood ring, then see what you gotta do.Lie facedown and spread your legs a little so your partner can penetrate you from behind (a pillow under your hips can help with the angling). Put your hand or, for maximum
Conditions like endometriosis can result in pain during intercourse.
There can be many reasons for pain during vaginal intercourse. Conditions like vaginismus and vulvodynia can make penetration hurt even if you're super turned on and just put on plenty of lube. Sexual trauma could be one cause; endometriosis, a
And how to deal with it.
Your sister is scoring on Bumble. Your bestie, who's been in a relationship for basically forever, can't stop talking about the crazy new BDSM move her boyfriend showed her. And your mom (your mom) bought herself a clit vibrator.
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