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Here's a helpful little guide for when you're feeling extra naughty.
No matter what stage you're at in your relationship, it can be difficult to tell someone how you feel-especially if what you feel is horny. Despite the fact that technology has made it easier for two people to communicate,
Bakit nga ba?!
I once spent a solid five minutes smiling at my phone while watching a video compilation of BTS' Kim Taehyung winking. I'm not ashamed to say it made my day, and the rush lingered longer than I expected. It
It's about being truly connected to your body and your pleasure.
Although the words "erotic" and "sex" might seem pretty interchangeable, it's no secret that sex can feel different depending on the situation, what you do, and who you're doing it with. Whether you're after casual sex,
For Gen Z, love is at a standstill.
The pandemic gave Mara (not her real name) the reprieve she needed from the pressure of getting married before 30. At 32, she is still single AF and she is not rushing-not when the virus still lurks.It's different
For a sexcellent night this Valentine's Day.
By now, you've probably been looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift and planning that Instagram post with just the right amount of mush. But have you thought of ways to make your night together *extra* fun? Why
Here's a guide on how to navigate a FWB sitch.
Raise your hand if you've ever attempted a friends with benefits relationship. Now, raise your hand if you are... no longer friends with that "benefit." (Hi, yup, same.)That's because the whole FWB dynamic is a hard thing
I believe this calls for many, many orgasms.
Sure, there can be a lot of pressure on Valentine's Day to make it le most romantic day of the year, but honestly, it's just your average Sunday. And as long as you and your partner are both enjoying yourselves,
Not that one. A *new* one.
Look, it's cool if every time you need to get yourself over the edge, you return to that mental picture of being taken from behind while wearing a pair of boots and nothing else. (Don't lie.) (It's only natural
We got you.
If you're a little bit nervous or maybe full-on freaking out about your first time having sex, congratulations, you are completely normal! First time sex is pretty much never As Seen on TV, ie., graceful, perfect and well-lit.
Hoppy humping.
We can't say enough nice things about rabbit vibrators. When it comes to sex toys, it's the whole package because it provides internal and external stimulation. If you're in the market for your first one or
Don't panic.
If you're being a responsible adult-and we really, really hope that you are-you've taken all the necessary precautions before you have sex with someone. You've talked about each other's sexual history, you
You can also use it for Kegel exercises.
These days, with most of us living at home, it can be a little frustrating to find some, er, alone time-especially if you share a wall with your parents or sibling. Minsan kailangan pang idaan sa timing, like when everyone'
Of course, you should totally feel free to go rogue.
What sex position is gonna really do it for you or your partner? Perhaps the stars have an answer. After all, we look to them for tips on almost everything else. When it comes to the bedroom, knowing your zodiac sign and
Here's how you can dabble in temperature play during sex.
Allow me to introduce you to the very best way to chill out and heat things up right now during this cold szn: temperature play.If you don't know already, it's basically what happens when you use hot
No matter what your situation, we gotchu.
Whatcha got going on this Valentine's Day? Whatever you relationship status-or lack thereof, thankyouverymuch endless effing pandemic-you're going to be doing something, even if it's having a particularly stellar bang with yourself.Yes, Valentine&#
Featuring many, many uses of the word 'squat.'
Officially, the leapfrog, according to the Ministry of Sex Positions Standards and Naming (an institute I just invented) means any rear-entry doggie style variation that lets you control how deep you want to take...whatever it is going inside of you."
Plus, it can make sex more pleasurable.
We're probably all familiar with what moaning during sex sounds like-whether from an overly dramatic performance in porn or a film, or actual real life. But there are so many questions when it comes to moaning: why do we
What does it mean?
Almost every sex scene in any major Hollywood movie has two very attractive, sultry-nearly "perfect"-people in bed making seductive noises until they climax together. And while I'm sure this does happen, we often forget that this isn't the
Hey, you need *something* to look forward to.
Every New Year's feels like it's going to be a fresh new start, but, damn, this year is that times infinity. And yeah, welcoming the New Year might be a little weird too. No parties, no random hookups
In the best way, of course.
Although movies and TV will have you believing the moment of penetration should be orgasmic for you, in reality, 82 percent of women can't orgasm just because a penis or dildo is inside them. For the majority of vulva-havers, clitoral