Yes, it can fall under the foot fetish category.
While it might seem totally salacious and perhaps disgusting, toe-sucking is a lot more nuanced than you'd think. And yes, while toe sucking *can* fall into the "foot fetish" category, it's also popular enough as a standalone
There's a perfectly reasonable explanation, don't worry.
Let us start by saying two very important things: 1) Sex is healthy and 2) Wanting to have sex is perfectly normal. That said, let's talk about one-night stands. Whenever someone has a one-night stand, the consenting parties
'Literally none. But we caught up on some much needed sleep.'
Honeymoon sex (and how much-or how little-people have) has always been talked and speculated about. Whether this links back to when waiting until you were married to have sex was more common, or whether it's just because we&#
Because you can't just jump into butt stuff without doing some prep work first.
Despite what movies and pop culture may have you believe, it's not optimal or totally realistic to just spontaneously jump into anal play without doing some prep work first. And we're not just talking short-term, empty-your-
You're wel(come).
Between revealing your relationship turn-offs, your texting style, or why you felt so shitty a month ago, astrology can explain a lot. So why wouldn't the key to having a bomb sex life not be included? Read below to
Make some noise!
Being loud in bed is all kinds of fun, but it also has some stealth sex benefits!So here's how to get the best aural bone-fest happening:Make a no-talking rule and just try to convey what you want
And nope, it’s not the same as edging.
While some of us consider it a win if we have an orgasm at all during sex, for others, orgasm play such as forced or ruined orgasms is just another way of having the best sexual experience possible.Here, Carol Queen, PhD,
Started from your bottom, now you’re here.
Butt plugs may be teeny, but their ability to immediately enhance solo play as well as oral and penetrative sex is anything but minor. But if you're still new to light anal play, here are some positions to kick that butt
A psychotherapist gets to the bottom of the most common sex dreams we have.
Sex dreams happen to all of us (some of us even have sleep orgasms, FYI), whether we're single or in a monogamous/open relationship. Most of us have woken up with a start, completely baffled or bemused by the bizarre
These'll knock all your other go-to positions down a peg.
You might know that dildos are great for solo play, but they are also plenty of fun with a partner. Dildos can range from abstract-looking glass sculptural pieces to big ole silicone penis replicas. And you can get 'em in the
Despite the name, you’re in full control here.
If you've never heard of a forced orgasm before, the name can understandably be confusing AF. Why would anyone have to "force" an orgasm to happen when it's already the best feeling? Isn't it the same as saying "forced
And other issues discussed in HOOQ's new show, 'Sex Talks with Dr. Holmes.'
Having periods of low libido is totally normal, don't worry.
Low sex drive (or low libido) is such a common occurrence in women, men, and people of all genders and sexes-but still there seems to be so much shame and secrecy surrounding it. We're getting much better at talking
It doesn't *have* to be a punishment.
Back in the day, spanking might have been something your mom did to you when you were in trouble-aka when you refused to come home after playing outside with the neighbs, or started throwing around cuss words because you thought you
The first time you taste IRL semen, it's an...experience. Whether you love it, you hate it, you spit it out, or you swallow that thing faster than purple cough syrup, you probably have never really thought about its flavor.Even
This Reddit thread from a woman whose boyfriend won't eat her out sparked a debate.
When a 19-year-old woman posted on Reddit asking her fellow users to help her out with a pretty common sex conundrum, it sparked a pretty heated debate.The woman-notyourprincessy-titled the post "boyfriend refuses to eat me" and went
Charlotte York was on to something.
Rabbit vibrators are already kind of the whole package-deep, rumbly inner stimulation and lighter, more directed outer stimulation. But, if there's someone there with you, here are some great ways to have an almost-threesome with you, them, and
Need recommendations? We gotchu.
When it comes to porn, it can be overwhelming to choose just one video or story among SOOOOO many options. What gets you off doesn't have to be the same as what gets your BFF off, or your partner, or
If you still have a weird butt burn, these are for you.
So...ya burnt. Now what? Besides doing some skin treatments and being way more diligent about sunscreen use in the future, the only thing you can do if you wanna post-beach bone is avoid those scorched spots. Here's how:The
Wingardium Orgasmosa.
Wands are the power tools of the sex toy world. There's no subtlety, just 100% full-on throttle. While people have known about "neck massagers" for decades, these vibes remain classic bedroom staples. Here's how to get down
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