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Just when you think you have enough lube, add some more.
For some, the words "anal sex" insight feelings of euphoria and excitement. For others, it makes them immediately clench their butt cheeks in panic. Whether you're Team Love Anal, Team Not For Me, or somewhere in between, there are a few
By judging on penis size we're feeding into patriarchal ideas of what it means to be masculine.
In my early twenties, I'd been chatting online with an attractive university girl who was a little bit older than me, and a heck of a lot more experienced than I was sexually. We eventually arranged to meet up, and
I'm asexual, and my pleasure likely looks a lot different than yours.
I know what you're thinking: "Umm, is she serious?" And yup, I am, 100 percent. I've never had to do anything to "satisfy my sexual urges" because, well...I have none.You see, I'm asexual (which
Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. ;)
There are a few things in life that are better than actual dogs, but for some, doggy-style sex is definitely up there. Whether you get on your hands and knees for penetration or you're the one doing the thrusting,
Right this way for all the kinky details.
Allow me to introduce you to BDSM's sort-of-similar cousin shibari. You may know it as Japanese rope bondage or by the term "kinbaku," but it's a contemporary form of rope bondage that originated in Japan, says sexologist Midori,
Missionary, boring? Absolutely TF not.
Missionary position is like the starter Sim of sex positions, because you can make it into whatever you want. It's also basic (in a good way), offers lots of skin-to-skin contact, and, if you want to kiss, hey,
Step 1: Blast anything by Beyonce.
I don't know who needs to hear this, but you don't have to be an amazing dancer to give someone a lap dance. Seriously. Even if you have zero coordination and can't hold a beat to save
Like, the absolute last thing I want to do is accidentally knee you in the face.
Just to be clear, I do understand the practical intentions here. You get one, I get one, then we proceed to sex sex. But here's the thing: I never actually get one this way. And tbh, you probably don't either.
...based on basically every q you've ever had.
Being on top is often touted as THE way to take control of your pleasure, make sex (especially penetrative sex) feel the way you always thought it should, and give you orgasms all over the place. And sure, it *can* do those
Three words: washing machine sex.
I don't know who needs to hear this, but sexual fantasies come in all difference shapes and sizes. It's likely you won't have the same fantasies as your best friends, and that's okay. So
'I saw someone straight out of a horror movie—and I liked it.'
Before I became a writer, I liked to scare people for a living, but not in the pop-out-of a-haunted-house kind of way. For about seven years, I worked as a professional SFX makeup artist and body painter. I
Are you looking for a new sex toy?
The first vibrator I ever owned was a PR gift-thank you, Cosmo-and it inspired me to be more open about masturbation. Because the truth is, we don't talk about it enough. And when we do, it's
It's common to feel nervous or unable to relax.
If you're a woman or person with a vulva, it's likely you've been told (or made to believe) that you should enjoy oral sex. Having someone eat you out, perform cunnilingus, or whatever you want to
Two words: Tan lines.
Listen, so long as everything is cool and consensual, what turns you on is totally your own business. That's because, similarly to kinks and fetishes, turn-ons are singular to every individual.For one person, it can be super random-
'When we woke up the following afternoon, I started to take in what I’d done.'
I used to go clubbing with Mark* every weekend. He was a roommate of one of my friends and soon became part of our barkada. A lot of the group found him hot and a few had slept with him, but I
'Pictures that were risque, but not necessarily nude, are the hottest.'
Ever been asked to send nudes or sexy selfies? Yeah, who hasn't! Sexting is just one of those things that's going to happen, and there's no point denying it. Instead, the best thing we can do
Let us have the pleasure of explaining this to you.
In Grade 6, I remember our teacher talking to us about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It was *such* a foreign concept that to be honest, I barely paid attention in class. All I remember from that day were the weird (and gross)
As if that’s not embarrassing enough, I also orgasmed when the doctor pulled it out, so there’s that.
Listen, I was a lonely girl living with my parents right after I graduated from college. And even though for some people, going off to school is the time for sexual experimentation, it certainly wasn't for me. Studying as hard as
There are so, so many choices out there.
Perhaps the only good thing about quarantine is having more time on our hands to do things we like. Of course, that's only true if your job doesn't require you to work longer hours or if you don&#
Here's how my masturbating marathon went down.
I don't mean to brag, but I'm what you'd call a masturbation connoisseur. With close to thirty years of experience, I know the ins and outs (literally) of getting myself off. Typically, I have a whole