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And no, it’s not just nudes.
Unless you live with your S.O., your sex life has probs changed a lot over the past month or so. Whether you're self-isolating apart from your boo/FWB/situationship or you're single and matching with new people on
'I'm wet' = I just sat in a weird pool of liquid on the train.
Sexting is a great way to express sexual desires with a partner and can be very fun. Unfortunately, it's super rare that I'm actually doing all the *sexy* things that I say I am. I know you imagine
Is everyone faking their sext orgasms or what?
Sexting has become just as nuanced and varied as well... sex. Everyone has a different approach to how they take pictures and a different manner when it comes to their descriptions. These three guys weigh in on how they approach sexting.Man
Never trust a guy who leaves your nudes on open.
All you did was coyly ask "what he'd do to you." He responded with a full story arc and 11 different ways of calling your panties "moist." While yes, it may be the most eloquent sext you've ever received, and
The 22-year-old suspect faces up to 20 years in prison.
Basketball phenom Kiefer Ravena gained fame when he played for the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Hailed as the UAAP's Most Valuable Player twice, he is now playing for Alab Pilipinas.However, Ravena has recently been embroiled in an issue that has nothing
Keep this in mind when you're sexting.
If we're being honest, we've all probably sent a racy photo once or twice in our lives. And you know what? There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with that. Unless it was done out of coercion, sexting can actually feel
Researchers looked at the link between sexting and anxiety.
One of the benefits of living in the digital age is that two people can (kind of) get it on whenever, wherever, through their phones or the internet. Sexting (sending suggestive photos, videos, and messages) is something that many couples choose to
Once you hit send, there's no going back.
The last thing anyone wants is to be involved in a nude photo (or sex video) scandal. Imagine having your privacy violated because your personal pictures ended up in the wrong hands. It is degrading, humiliating, and downright cruel. Jennifer Lawrence, Kate
Think before you sext.
1. Thou shall not send a nude photo showing your face. Neck down only, ALWAYS. The last thing you want is be the next victim of a nude photo scandal. If ever it ends up in the wrong hands, at least people
Exercise your seduction skills through SMS--and get as naughty as you possibly can! "Sexting" can help a relationship survive through busy work days...and build anticipation for a sexy after-work shift.
It's already 4:30 p.m. and Stella, 25, an advertising executive, stuck at her desk with dozens of unread emails and unchecked items on her day's to-do list, receives a text message from her boyfriend: "Cum over. I