Men don't deserve a cookie every time they go down on you for 15 seconds.
Perhaps because the bar has been set so extraordinarily low, men expect to be rewarded for every teeny tiny gesture during sex that isn't 100 percent selfish. Every man who isn't solely focused on his own orgasm thinks he's
A team of researchers discovered the 'golden trio' of orgasm moves.
A large study seeking to find who's having the more orgasms than everyone else confirmed some things we already knew-like the fact that heterosexual men are having way more orgasms during sex than heterosexual women. But according to David Frederick,
Let's stop pretending otherwise.
Having sex is great. Being in water-in a hot tub, pool, shower, lake, ocean, or even a bath tub-is great! Having sex in water is not great. Water sex has taken hold of our collective imagination by infiltrating movies and
One word: BORING.
Oh, man...missionary. It's just...what can I say? It's bad. Here's why.1. There's not much to see. In terms of tried-and-true "lie on top of each other and pork" style missionary, you're not
This information might just salvage your sex life.
You know how sometimes, you really want to get it on, but your partner seems less than enthusiastic about the idea? And then other times, it's the complete opposite? Well, good news: that's *totally* normal.A sex toy company, Lovehoney,
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