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Men don't deserve a cookie every time they go down on you for 15 seconds.
Perhaps because the bar has been set so extraordinarily low, men expect to be rewarded for every teeny tiny gesture during sex that isn't 100 percent selfish. Every man who isn't solely focused on his own orgasm thinks he's
A team of researchers discovered the 'golden trio' of orgasm moves.
A large study seeking to find who's having the more orgasms than everyone else confirmed some things we already knew-like the fact that heterosexual men are having way more orgasms during sex than heterosexual women. But according to David Frederick,
One word: BORING.
Oh, man...missionary. It's just...what can I say? It's bad. Here's why.1. There's not much to see. In terms of tried-and-true "lie on top of each other and pork" style missionary, you're not
This information might just salvage your sex life.
You know how sometimes, you really want to get it on, but your partner seems less than enthusiastic about the idea? And then other times, it's the complete opposite? Well, good news: that's *totally* normal.A sex toy company, Lovehoney,
Things get a little awkward...
If you have good taste in movies, then you probably remember that one scene from When Harry Met Sally when Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant just to prove a point. So it's like that... x
Hustling me into your room like some kind of sex ghost that only you can see = weird.
1. Not introducing me to your roommates. When we walk in the door of your apartment to find your two roommates on the couch playing Mario Kart, don't be weird. We are all grown-ups here. Some of us have probably
Or if you're taller than him.
If you and your boo are significantly different sizes, sex may present some logistical challenges-whether you're attempting to align the body of a basketball player with that of a jockey or a linebacker's figure with a ballerina's. Fortunately,
Lots of reverse cowgirl happening.
YouTube/Cosmopolitan.comYou probably have your favorite sex position, and it's probably one involving as little work as possible, or having pizza instead of sex, right? What about guys, though-do they want insanely complicated bedroom gymnastics or kinky Christian Grey
I.e. How to ask him to be rougher (but not a psychopath) in bed.
If you're reading this right now, you've probably had a moment when you were hooking up with a guy and thought, "God it would be so great if he pulled my hair right now," but it feels so weird to
Stop telling him you had an orgasm when you didn't. Seriously, stop.
1. Sleeping with guys who want you to go down on them but won't go down on you. Let's just put this right out there: Your vagina is not weird or gross. You taste great and fine and definitely not
We grilled five guys to spill the contraceptive methods males typically prefer, and got five women to speak up about their picks!
You're all set to do the nasty with that hot new guy, but hold up-do you know what his protection philosophy is? More importantly, does it match yours?We grilled five men into revealing common contraceptive methods among males, and
Real guys spill one-liners that turned them to mush.
Who says the ball is always in the boys' court? Guys may be more open to using pick up lines, but it turns out girls are just as skilled with naughty word play. Yup, that's right-we know what we want
We reveal the most popular pleasure-enhancing tips and tricks--plus a few revealing quizzes--ever seen on Take notes, ladies!
Cosmopolitan Philippines' 15th birthday bash may be over, but the celebration continues as we round up the top 15 most popular articles from different sections of! Last week, we presented the most popular sex positions from Cosmo Sutra's carnal
You may be tempted to hit the snooze button on morning sex, but for your dude, it's a rousing wake-up call. Here are the reasons why he's always up for it in the AM.
Sure, most guys will take sex whenever they can get it. But, there's one time of day when guys really, truly crave it. "Many men are at their horniest first thing in the morning," says sex therapist Arlene Goldman, PhD, coauthor
Everything about this guy screams sexy--from his tan and toned bod to his wild and romantic sexcapades and fantasies. He tells all on his final week.
You already know we save the juiciest questions and hottest photos for last, and you can't expect anything less on Guji Lorenzana's final week as our featured summer hottie.The quintissential summer stud spills racy details about his sexcapades as
Bring out the competitive spirit in your guy with this sizzling frisky game. We promise, there won't be any sore losers!
One incentive to getting playful: It leads to better sex--no joke. "The more fun you have prior to bed, the more unpredictable and open to experimentation you'll be when you're in it," says sex therapist Barry McCarthy, PhD, co-
A Cosmo Online Hunk feature wouldn't be complete without sexy revelations on the final week. So, read on for this celebrity-turned-athlete's juicy confessions.
Philippine Volcanoes' Andrew Wolff has been making you swoon week after week this February with his candid answers to our interview questions and his photo galleries that get hotter each time. As you may have expected, we of course saved the best (
This hot swimmer and MYX VJ opens up to about his new-found fame, turning him on, bedroom topics, and even the worst Christmas gift you can give a guy! Watch and learn!
Learn what his first performance in bed says about his potential as a long-term lover.
The move: During foreplay, he wants to know if what he's doing feels good.What it means: He's hoping to please you. Sex with a guy who asks questions right away about what you like will get even better in