Housemate Mae Alfante kept commenting, 'Parang bakla talaga.'
Reality show Pinoy Big Brother has a new batch of housemates for its fourth special season, Pinoy Big Brother: Otso. During their first week inside the house, housemate Mae Alfante (22) from Davao told everyone, "Akala ko bakla si Sky... noong first
Everything you need to know about demisexuality.
For people who don't identify as asexual but also aren't into hookups with people they don't know well, demisexuality ("demi" means "half" in Latin) sits in the middle of that spectrum. Simply put, demisexuals are people
Everything you need to know about three distinctly different things.
When it comes to public understanding and acceptance of various gender identities and orientations, much-needed discussions are finally being had. The future is indeed non-binary, but it's okay if you are still learning the correct language to use to
Yes, it's an identity. But it also conveys a sense of community.
Language evolves with society, often due to the brute force and fierceness of those who wish to see change. Such is the case for "queer," a term predominantly used by the LGBTQ community to stake a contrast from mainstream, heteronormative society. "When
'You don’t need to understand someone’s identity in order to respect it.'
Host, model, and blogger Mari Jasmine talked about sexuality labels in a recent Instagram Story. "Labels are what humans use to understand / navigate their experiences and the world around them. Just because they exist, it doesn't mean that you have to
Your start to a comprehensive understanding of the ~full sexual spectrum~.
Despite the political turmoil regarding sexual orientation and gender, we're living in exciting times: About half of Generation Z identifies as queer, and over a third of the respondents in the same study (conducted by forecasting agency J. Walter Thompson Innovation
'Why did you cut your hair? Are you a lesbian?' Such a stupid question.
Sue Ramirez is tired of people asking why she decided to sport a pixie cut.The actress took to Twitter to air out some frustrations and debunk a common misconception. Many have gossiped that she cut her hair assuming that she is
'I basically settled it by watching porn.'
Sadly, annoyingly, frustratingly, there are still so many misconceptions about bisexuality. One of the most common things bisexual women hear is that they're probably not actually bisexual. And of course, it's never a barrel of laughs to hear
She said what she said.
Between doing her best model poses with a cockatoo for the new issue of Vogue, Kendall Jenner took some time to address those perennial "is she gay?" rumors.Kendall has been previously rumored to have dated women including Cara Delevingne-remember when
At least not this time.
Back in 2007, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling revealed that she always envisioned the character of Dumbledore as gay, having fallen in love with a fellow wizard, Grindelwald, who became his nemesis. At the end of the movie Fantastic Beasts and
'If you know your rights, you can take steps to make sure you can live according to YOUR preferences.'
Hi, I'm Rej. I'm married, and I have a beautiful eight-month-old son named Lucas.I've always wanted to be a mother, and now that I have my son, I can tell you that motherhood is wonderful, intense,
And more and more arrived by the minute...
Celebrities went all out in Washington, DC to participate in Saturday's Women's March. Here are some photos of their vocal resistance to inspire your own activism!Alicia Keys:Vanessa Hudgens:John Kerry: JOHN KERRY joins the #WomensMarch (with his dog).
'It really messed with me.'
Anna Kendrick's anxiety over sex left her feeling humiliated at times.The Pitch Perfect actress is known for her outspoken nature and little is out of bounds, especially when it comes to her personal life.In her new book, Scrappy Little
A wet Leonardo DiCaprio is the best kind of Leonardo DiCaprio.
As Colin Firth taught everyone during his infamous swim in the 1995 BBC edition of Pride and Prejudice, men are always hotter when they're wet (ask your mom about it). This fact has perhaps never been proven to greater effect than
Just recently, car enthusiast and Joey Mead's husband, Ian King, has officially come out as Angelina Mead King through an Instagram post with the caption:"My rock and my number one supporter! @joeymeadking I Love You! #loveislove #beproud #betruebeyou #lovewins #transgender #
Because she developed D-cup breasts at 12.
Busty model and actress Emily Ratajkowski struggled to express her sexuality when she was a young girl, because family members urged her to cover up her developing body.The Gone Girl star, who appeared topless in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video,
Attracted to beautiful ladies? Totes normal.
We've asked you if you were EVER curious about being intimate with another woman, because it's been observed by many that female sexuality is fluid. Females seem to have no line between friendship and deeper levels of intimacy.
Here's what you need to know about your fluid sexuality.
You're into guys, but you kissed a girl (or think you want to ) and you liked it (or think you will). Does that make you bisexual? Lesbian? Does it matter? Research says it doesn't, and you're definitely not alone.
It's pretty complicated, but that's not a bad thing.
Research has found that men are specific about who or what arouses them, whom they want to have sex with, and whom they want to fall in love with. For instance, if a man is straight, for sure he's aroused by
'Just do your thing'
There has been a LOT of speculation over the past few months about Kristen Stewart's relationship with her former PA Alicia Cargile, but the actress says she's not hiding anything at all when it comes to her sexuality.Kristen split
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