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<i>FHM</i>'s 8th Sexiest tells us why she thinks being sexy is a state of mind, and which brainy Hollywood babe she considers a role model.
Bela Padilla has definitely risen above that controversial "racist" magazine cover. "As with anything in my life, when bad stuff happens to me, I face it. And then when it's done, when I can't do anything about it anymore, I
The two-time <i>FHM</i>'s Sexiest tells us what she thinks truly makes a woman sizzle, and reveals the female celeb who's the hottest in her book.
What exactly makes a woman sexy? We couldn't think of a better person to ask than Sam Pinto, who was proclaimed the #1 hottest--for the second year in a row--at the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World Victory
We got Guji a little wet for your viewing pleasure. Find out in his interview why he's that guy you'd give anything to spend this season with.
Your long Holy Week break may be over, but here's a little something to ease you back into reality: hot, hot, hot photos of our second of three Summer Online Hunks Guji Lorenzana, having fun on the beach in all his
Cosmo always has a lingerie special in its Valentine issue. If you're planning something extra special in the bedroom for your man this weekend, get some sexy "outfit" ideas when you watch this video.
Cosmo Sutra positions aside, these easy yet no-fail tricks will make him more pumped up to please you in the bedroom.
Describe A Sexy DreamTell your guy that you had a dream about him--even if you didn't. He'll ask what it was about, so say it's still hazy but you think you were having crazy sex in the kitchen.
At an event that celebrated the 100 Sexiest Women in the World, these chicks dress in their hottest garb--and define what is <i>sexy</i> for them.
While we all have a general idea of what we would call sexy, different people interpret this word in different terms. Sometimes, what's sexy to women is not what men would call sexy. And, what you would consider a sexy outfit
If there's one event that can gather the most <i>Pinoy</i> men under one roof, it's the <i>FHM</i> 100 Sexiest Women Party. Who will win if these guys we spotted were the judges?
When our bro mag FHM Philippines threw their biggest and much-awaited 100 Sexiest Women in the World Party last July 14, we knew hoardes of men will swarm the World Trade Center in Pasay. Visual creatures that they are, of course
Ten fashion students put on a sizzling show of bold and innovative lingerie designs. See how each garment, which serves as inspiration for future styles, celebrates the modern woman.
A Cosmo girl knows that fashion isn't simply a matter of rocking a gorgeous ensemble on the outside, but also paying attention to what lies beneath-in this case, we mean it quite literally: that is, your lingerie. Breaking out of
Our Style & Beauty columnist defines the fine line between sexy and skanky clothing. Read on.
There's truth to the saying, "Life is a stage and we're all but characters that play a role..." So we're playing roles huh? But, um, what exactly are we wearing?Call it shallow, but wardrobe has always been integral
Take casual holiday dressing cues from the hip style of this young actress, who wears the latest collection of Ecko Red.
From being one of Disney's prized princesses, Vanessa Hudgens was eventually catapulted into Hollywood young superstardom. It's then no wonder that she is always a target of the paparazzi, who captures her every move--everything from doing her